Cell Phone Cases-Do You Really Need One?

Cell phone cases

I bet the next time you are out and about, if you take just a second to stop and look around, almost everyone you see will either be using a cell phone or at the very least have…

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Bluetooth Keyboard-Virtual VS Foldable!

Virtual Bluetooth keyboard

I know I have another post on my site about Bluetooth Keyboard, however, as I mentioned there are 2 main kinds. One kind being a fold-able Bluetooth keyboard and the other is the virtual Bluetooth keyboard. Now in…

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weBoost Vs HiBoost-Cell Phone Signal Booster For Your Home

cell phone signal booster

Do you suffer from poor cell phone signal at home? Maybe you live in the country or even in a big city. There are many reasons you could have poor signal. And a cell phone booster might just…

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JBL VS Skullcandy Earbuds-Which One Ranks The Best?


JBL VS Skullcandy earbuds! Which one is the best? Does one out rank the other one? Here we have 2 very good name brand earbuds, but what are the difference between the two? And why do certain people…

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Bose Headphones-The Best Quality Headphones?

Girl listening to music with headphones on.

What is it you are looking for in headphones? Is the high quality, crisp, and clear sound? Or maybe you are just looking for a set that is comfortable, you know that doesn’t feel like you just put…

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Bose VS. Jabra Bluetooth Headsets

wireless earbuds

Bose vs. Jabra headsets, which company is better? What are the differences between the 2 companies? Well I am here to tell you both of these companies are outstanding companies, well-known for their products. But as always each…

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Jabra Bluetooth Headset-Experience Advanced Technology!

I would like for you take just a minute and think back to the 80s and the technology that was out, now take a look around to now! Wow right, boy how much technology has changed over time!…

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Cell Phone Screen Repair-What Are Your Options?

One of the most painful sounds out there is the shattering of our cell phone glass, when we drop it and it hits the ground. Now it may not be a physical agony sound but it is definitely…

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Cell Phone Batteries-What Are Some Reasons They Explode?

It seems that cell phones have become a very useful tool to have around. I mean we can do almost anything with them. Like look up directions where we are going, videos of how to do things, and…

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Cell Phone Locator-Do You Know Where Your Cell Phone Is?

Are you one of the million people out there that life is so busy it doesn’t seem like you can hold one more thought in your head? When we get this busy it is very common for us…

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