Bluetooth Keyboard-Virtual VS Foldable!

Virtual Bluetooth keyboard

I know I have another post on my site about Bluetooth Keyboard, however, as I mentioned there are 2 main kinds. One kind being a fold-able Bluetooth keyboard and the other is the virtual Bluetooth keyboard. Now in my opinion these are both really great keyboards for commuters, busy parents, and even business people all alike. So what’s the difference between the 2 Bluetooth keyboards? Which one is better?

Well I am sure there are a few of you asking these types of exact same questions. I have to admit before I started this site, I didn’t know they existed, lone less which one was better. So I thought it would be a great challenge to do some research for you and show you not only the difference between the 2, but also some pros and cons to each.

Does it sound like something you might be interested in? You know see if you would even like one or the other? Or even see if one would work better for you? Well I invite you to stick around and see what I have to say about them both! Who knows it might even help you out!

Virtual Bluetooth Keyboards!

From the busiest business person all the way to the stay at home parent, everyone can benefit now days in this technology world from a Bluetooth keyboard for your cell phone! I mean these gadgets are so handy, just pack them up (and don’t worry they don’t take up a lot of space), and away you go! Do all your work or researching from anywhere, even out at the soccer field when your kid is practicing.

From even that small bit that you just read I am sure you can easily see how handy a Bluetooth keyboard can be. But, you have a decision to make if you are thinking of getting one. What is that decision? Well, would a virtual or a fold-able Bluetooth keyboard work better for you? Here let me explain what the difference is between the 2 real quick! We can start with the virtual Bluetooth keyboard first.

Alright so a virtual keyboard is first off an awe-inspiring gadget. You see all you need is your device in this case your cell phone, and this little box. Yep that’s it. Now you will have to connect the device and this tiny box before it will work. However, once you do, all you need is a flat, non reflective surface. Pretty easy so far right?

Okay so now sit down, turn on this little box and you should be set. It will send an infrared image of a keyboard on the table. Wow right! Then you can just start typing away. Now I do want to mention you will not actually fell the keys below your fingers because of the fact it is just an image that is portrayed there, but it will still work the same.

You see as you are typing away that little box has sensors in it to recognize what keys you would be hitting if you were actually using a regular keyboard. So type away let the box sensor what you are typing and watch it pop up on your screen as you type away!

Are you impressed yet? Well either way, if you are or are not, you may want to stick around to find some great pros and cons when it comes to the virtual Bluetooth keyboard. I might just have some information you have been looking for! But first how about we see what a fold-able Bluetooth keyboard is first.

Fold-able Bluetooth Keyboards!

Okay so how about we take a look now at the fold-able Bluetooth keyboards. Yes this is another great concept. It is very easily portable just like the virtual keyboard, however, it may be a tiny bit bigger. I wouldn’t say by much though.

Okay so I say fold-able keyboards but the Bluetooth keyboards are also available where they don’t fold up as well. You can find the single flat Bluetooth keyboards. So basically this style would be on solid piece that is not bendable of fold-able. But as you see within my reading I am going to explain to you about the fold-able Bluetooth keyboards. So here you go.

The fold-able keyboards have the same concept as the virtual keyboards. They are meant to take with you so you can a necessary work done from anywhere you are at. But the big difference between the fold-able keyboards and virtual is you will have a keyboard that you can actual feel, touch and carry around.

Now with these fold-able keyboards can be folded up several ways. You can find some that just fold in have, others that fold in thirds. And if you really want to compact their size, you can even find some that will fold up into a small square for easy carrying and storage. Just fold it up and tote it along, pull it out and start type away.

Since it is a physical keyboard you will be able to type like you would on a normal computer keyboard, just now you can be cord and wire free. However, just to let you know real quick the fold-able keyboards will also have to be synced to your device like a cell phone, just the same. This is how they talk to each other and let them know what you are doing and typing.

See, another great and simple gadget, right? So let’s just say for now that you already have your mind made up and have decided you would like one better than the other. Well you might just want to hold onto that thought for a couple of minutes and keep reading.

Because up next I want to also explain some pros for each kind of Bluetooth keyboard and then I will go ahead and tell you some cons for each as well. So before you completely make up your mind just take a peek at what I have to say about these two.

Pro’s For Both Bluetooth Keyboards!

Personally, I think it is better to know more about what you are buying before you buy it. Now both of these Bluetooth keyboards are great products, however, they each have their own great qualities that sets them apart from the other. So I simply want to take a couple of minutes and show you each Bluetooth keyboards pros. Hang on tight! Alright here we go!

Pro’s for the virtual keyboards!

  1. Okay so for the first one, I thought I would bring it to your attention that if you decide to choose a virtual keyboard, since it is just an image and not a physical keyboard, you will not have the clicking noise from the keyboard keys. (Now double check this first, simply because some of them still do have this feature and some offer it as a feature as well, but it doesn’t come with all of them)
  2. Another great feature that the virtual keyboard has is, the tiny box that portrays the keyboard, does have a pretty good battery life. Most of them will last up to 2 hrs before needing charged. (But make sure you check this out because some have a longer battery life and some may not be as long)
  3. Now here is an excellent pro for you. Using a virtual keyboard makes it harder for malware to spy on the data information that a person has typed in. This is because there is not actually keys there. So there is now memories on the spots to say how often that button was hit or what key was stroked before or after it. Great right!
  4. This last pro I want to tell you about is one that I really like. That is using a virtual keyboard makes it a lot easier to type in gestures. What I mean is like the accent marks above the e’s and the pound sign for different money currency, that type of things. Now I have tried on my laptop and this isn’t easy. I have had to do a lot of looking and practicing and honestly I still can’t say I have it all the way down. So for a person like me this is a wonderful pro to have!

Pro’s for the fold-able keyboards!

  1. Although, I do love the idea and several of the features for the virtual keyboard, I think this first pro is one of the reasons why I would choose a fold-able keyboard instead. And it is a simple one, but… Anyways, it is an actual physical keyboard and you can feel the keys below your fingers as you are typing. I love this it feels to me like it helps to guide my fingers. Even on my cell phone I have the keys set up to vibrate as I am typing. But this is my preference.
  2. Another great pro the fold-able keyboard has that trumps the virtual is, you can use it on any surface. Whether this be your lap or a flat table-top. The virtual one you have on a flat, non reflective surface.
  3. One good pro that I found in my research was the speed. Now with the virtual keyboards they have a tendency to lag a little. Whereas a fold-able keyboard keeps up better with your typing speed.
  4. Okay so for the last pro, it ties with in with the previous pro. So since you will be able to have a faster typing speed with less lag time, there is going to be less of a chance of someone around you being able to see and keep up with what you are typing. So basically having a fold-able keyboard can be safer to have out in the public.

Alright, now what do you think? Is this race between which one is the best becoming more of a close tie? Well if you stick around just a bit more, I have some cons for you for both kinds of Bluetooth keyboards as well. Maybe one of these cons might just be the tie breaker for you!

Con’s For Both Bluetooth Keyboards!

Con’s for the virtual keyboards!

  1. For every great invention, idea or product, there is usually going to be a downside as well as the upsides. So here is the first con for the virtual keyboard. And that is, that it does have to be on a flat non reflective surface. You see since it is just an image projection, it will not project it right if you were on a surface like a picnic table with slats or even on your lap. Now you also won’t be able to use it on glass tables either simple because it will go right through. So it can be a hinder if you don’t have the right location for it to be used.
  2. Another con that I wanted to share with you is that since it is a projection image you may not be able to hold your fingers to type in the same manner that you would on an actual keyboard. It comes out projected at a slight angle so you may have to learn to adjust your fingers in order to make sure you are accurately typing.
  3. Yet another con that I kind of touched base on above is that the virtual keyboard does have a small lag to it. So first off this means you may be tying faster than what is relaying to the cell phone. And second because of this small lag lookers might be able to get a better glance at what you are typing.
  4. And last but not least I want to share with you for the cons of the virtual keyboards is that some of them are not compatible with all devices. So if you are still thinking of getting a virtual keyboard, please make sure it is compatible with what ever you are going to be using it for. (Now they are working on this to make it compatible for all devices)

Con’s for the fold-able keyboards!

  1. I really would like to start the cons for the fold-able keyboards off by letting you know that they are not as durable as a standard keyboard. Yes they are a physical keyboard but since they are made to be moved, they have built them more lightweight. And these in particular are built to fold up, so like anything with some kind of hinge it does have a tendency to wear out over time.
  2. Another con that I wanted to make sure you were aware of is that with the fold-able keyboards you may have to charge them more often. They do not have as long as a battery life as say a laptop would. So you will be good for a bit, but you might want to make sure it is fully charged before taking off with it.
  3. Now I know I was not really aware of this one and I am sure some of you out there are not either so I want to make sure and fill you in. And that is the pressure you have to use on each of the keys as you are typing. For a fold-able keyboard it does take a little more pressure on the keys for it to register to what you are typing. For most people I am sure this will be barely noticeable but for others this could make a big difference.
  4. One other con that I do see worth mentioning is if you spill something. Now if you spill something onto a virtual keyboard as long as it does get on the box that is projecting it, then all you have to do is wipe it up. But if you spill something on a fold-able keyboard well, you can just about say it is gone. It is just like a keyboard that you have on your computer and laptop in this sense.

Now what do you think? Have I broken that tie for you? I have to say these are some great gadgets with some very nice features. But, with the great features there are some downsides to each. It does honestly depend on you and which one would suite you and your lifestyle best. For me I think I would stick with the fold-able keyboard. But once again to each their own!

So What Do You Think?

Alright, so I just threw a lot of information at you, for you to so that you can compare Bluetooth keyboards. I hope in doing so I was able to give you a better understanding of what they have to offer for each and what are some reasons you may want to stay away from one or the other.

All in all it does boil down to a personal preference. So now I am curious what do you think? Do you think one is better than the other? Why? How about have you ever purchased one or both of these? How did it work out for you?

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I would love to hear what you have to say about these! If you would like to let me know your opinions please feel free to in my comments box below. And if you still have some questions that I did not get answered, I will be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge as well, if you leave them in the comment box below.

And I really want to thank you for coming to visit with me and read all of this great information. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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About the Author: Melissa


  1. You just can’t believe what these companies come up with, I really am partial to the foldable keyboard for its convenience and keyboard features but the con of the surface you need could cause some problems.

    So I am really undecided for sure at this time, I think it all depends on where you spend most of you time when using this product will determine which one is the best choice for each individual.

    I loved your post with all the awesome information, you even shared your opinion of likes and dislikes which helped me also consider what you disliked about each product.

    1. Hi Jeff. I have to agree with you. I am amazed all the time with the different things they are coming up with. Some of them are very useful and helpful. I have to say I am really thinking about getting a fold-able keyboard. This seems like a great fit in my life. Thank you for the compliments on the post I am glad you enjoyed it. Hope I get to talk to you soon.
      Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  2. Great information you provide Melissa. I really had no idea that these devices existed and I can definitely see the advantages of owning one.

    I believe I would prefer the fold-able keyboard as it contains specific features that would be important to me. The fact that it can be used on any surface, and tends to keep up with your typing speed are both great qualities.

    I do have one quick question regarding both types of keyboards? Are they compatible with various brands of cellphones?

    Thanks again Melissa, and I look forward to reading your response.


    1. Hey Luke. Glad you stopped by. Yes I was surprised to when I found out about them. But they sure seem like they can be handy. I am also with you I think I would like the fold-able one as well. The biggest reason I think this would be my choice is because I love the feel of the keys under my fingers and I actually enjoy the clicking sound as I type. I can hear how fast I am typing.
      As far as your question goes the only thing I found is the virtual keyboard is not compatible with the Blackberry’s. But they said they are working on this one and it is the only one that I found a problem with. Hope this helps. If you need to know anything else let me know.
      Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Due to fact that I sit in front of 2 large monitors everyday I’ve always been intrigued by people who actually use their cell phones for website based businesses? Now I’m even more intrigued by the idea of these Bluetooth Keyboards.

    Even though I think I’ve seen someone using a foldable cell phone keyboard in a library, I did not know a Virtual keyboard existed? I must say though that I’m impressed with both keyboard applications.

    I think when it comes to the question of a Bluetooth Keyboard-Virtual VS Foldable I would probably opt for the Foldable bluetooth because that’s just what I’m accustomed to? Even though I must say my interest is peaked with the Virtual application.

    1. Hey Mike. I am so glad you stopped by. I have to agree, I usually am sitting at my kitchen table doing all my work. Partially because I don’t want to try to type away on that tiny keyboard of my cell phone when it comes to writing a long article. But for me this has opened up a whole lot of new possibilities. Now I can get out of the house and be mobile and still get work done.
      I do like the wow factor of the virtual keyboard. I think it would be great to walk into a coffee shop and pull this one out. Get to see peoples expressions. However, I think I would need something I could take out to the park or even on long car rides. For me the foldable keyboard is much more sensible.
      Glad you got to stop by loved hearing your thoughts.
      Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Hello, Melissa!

    I am amazed at how technologically advanced we are with all these new, awesome devices that are being manufactured all the time!

    I was not aware that the virtual keyword existed until I read your review. I am impressed with this review since you have given a lot of information and listed the pros and cons, making it easy for one to decide which is best suited for her or him.

    At first, I was thinking that I the virtual keyboard would be my pick. However, I now will choose the foldable keyboard since the virtual has to be placed on a flat surface, whereas the foldable one can be set on your lap or car seat, etc.

    I see someone else inquired about whether they are compatible with various cell phone brands. But, you’ve already answered the question. Thanks!

    I enjoyed this review very much and how candid you are when you share the information on products.


    1. Hi Cathy. You know I started this site with the idea cell phones are such a huge rage these days, so why not give people information on different ideas and gadgets they could use with their cell phones. However, I must say I have really been amazed at some of the products I have found for cell phones. It is crazy. I love them all and they do all seem very useful and helpful ideas. What will they come up with next right!
      Yea I have to say I agree with you. I am always so busy I do need something that I can have on any surface. I think that is the biggest downfall to the virtual keyboards. But they really are cool to look at. It would be fun to awe people. But I will stick with sensibility instead.
      Glad you enjoyed this review and happy to give you new ideas.
      As always if you have any questions feel free to ask away. Thank you for coming by to visit with me and have a wonderful day.

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