Bose Headphones-The Best Quality Headphones?

Girl listening to music with headphones on.

What is it you are looking for in headphones? Is the high quality, crisp, and clear sound? Or maybe you are just looking for a set that is comfortable, you know that doesn’t feel like you just put a hard piece of metal around your ears. Well did you know you can find these amazing qualities of great sound, comfort and even Bluetooth with Bose headphones?Girl listening to music with headphones on.

Yes I said Bose! I know this company name has been around for a few good years usually it is brought up when talking about speakers or surround sound for your home. However, they do also carry a variety of options when it comes to headphones and head sets. And guess what is even better news? You can use them with your cell phones or many other devices you can play music on!

So would you like to know a little more about Bose headphones? I will be glad to provide you with some great information. What is it you would like to know a little more about? Maybe some of you would like to know a little more about the company? Or I am sure some of you may be wondering what kind of head phones they have to choose from.

If these don’t tickle your fancy, maybe you would rather find out more about the accessories you can get to go with Bose headphones. And I am sure many of you would like to know other helpful information like warranties and prices. Well if any of these ideas sound like something of interest to please keep reading, because I will be answers all of these questions!

Who Is The Bose Company?

I know I have heard the Bose company all over the place, commercials on TV, advertisements on the radio, it is a popular name when it comes to sound. But how much do you really know about this company? Do you know we their values lie or have you looked into some of their achievements? How about we go ahead and discover some of these things together!

So in your eyes what makes a great company? I am sure there are several answers to this question, but I am just as sure one of those answers is probably a companies values and what they stand for. What about Bose’s values? Well here is what Bose has to say about their values and where they stand!

Bose has a couple of great qualities. They strive for the latest in science and technology to ensure they are bringing the best and newest innovations forward to the public. Another great value that shines through with Bose is their integrity. Here they realize that they must gain the trust of their customers and employees alike. They understand no business can grow without these types of values.

Musical Notes

Respect, Passion and innovation is also on the top of their priority lists. Any good company I think anyways should really excel in these standards and values. I mean if you don’t have respect for the consumer or for your employees you are just not going to make it anywhere in this world whether it be a business or the public in general.

And let’s face it, you have to have passion for whatever you are doing or it just becomes another project that has become more like a chore. So passion does play a big part in companies. If they don’t have the passion to keep loving what they are doing, their ideas and quality start to deteriorate slowly.

Now if you look at these values a good company will have most of them if not all of them. But how many of these good companies also have achievements to back these up? Bose is one of those companies that also has some achievements that help back them up as being an upstanding company.

  1. 1964 Bose Corporation was founded.
  2. 1968 The 901 Speaker is becoming a major commercial success.
  3. 1972 Bose products are sold outside of the US for the first time.
  4. 1975 Bose introduced one of the top selling speakers that were bookshelf sized.
  5. 1982 Bose becomes one of the first companies to offer factory installed sound systems.

Now these are just a few of the achievements that Bose has accomplished and has become recognized for, these type of accomplishments go all the way up to 2014. I am sure there has been more between then and now, maybe they just haven’t updated in a bit.
But you get the general idea with these, Bose has been around for a while and have continuously continued to strive for better. And as they stated they are always looks for new innovations and technology.

So there you have a little more information about who Bose is as a company and what they stand for. They do offers some great values and achievements to show for it. But what about their products do they have a decent variety? Well this is my next subject so stick around to find out!

What Kind Of Options Does Bose Have For Headphones?

Everyone seems to like to listen to music in their very own way. Some people would prefer the headphones that go over your head and cup your ears, while others are more apt to choose and earbud style that the ear pieces fit snugly inside you ears. So it is important for any company that is producing ear phones to make sure and offer several options to choose from.

And I have to say Bose does carry through with this as well. They have 12 different styles of headphones you can choose from. This way you can choose which style you prefer or maybe even if you need them for a specific task like when exercising. So how about I go ahead and explain some of these styles to you that way you can understand better what options you have with Bose headphones.

  1. Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless-offer noise cancellation, Google assistant built in this way you can listen to music answer calls and more without having to use your phone, 20 hours of battery life and more
  2. Sound Sport Free wireless headphones-these do not have any wires what so ever, maximum Bluetooth signal, built to stay put and spread across your inner ear so they will stay put, waterproof mesh net over the speaker that go in your ears and built full of technologies.
  3. Sound Sport Free wireless headphones- now these have a strap that goes around the back of you neck, have a heart rate sensor built in, these are also water resistant.
  4. Sound Sport in ear headphone for iPhone devices-sweat resistant, built in microphone and remote, and conforms to you ear.
  5. Quiet Control 30 wireless headphones-you have control of the noise you want to let in, they offer an ergonomic neck band with this one, and one app complete control.
  6. Sound Wear Companion Speaker-this is a band that you wear around your shoulders, 12 hour battery, and sweat Ear Budsresistant.
  7. Custom Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones-noise cancellation, 9 different parts to customize, google assistant built in, and plush ear cushions.
  8. Sound Link Around ear wireless headphones-exceptional sound at any volume, advanced mic system with HD voice, made out of impact resistant materials.
  9. QC20 Noise Canceling headphone Apple devices-noise cancellation, aware mode so you can set how much of the outside you want to hear, and soft and secure tips.
  10. A20 Aviation headset-now this one is for airplane pilots, 30% greater noise reduction, audio input and ergonomic control module.
  11. Sound Sport Pulse wireless-tracks heartbeat, inline is tangle free, inline mic/remote, comfort and stability.
  12. Bose on ear wireless-light weight, 15 hours battery life, clear sound at any volume level, soft ear cushions, and comes with a wire in case you want to plug into a device.

Just so you know many of these products also come in multiple options of different colors. One other thing I wanted to mention is that almost all of these have many more great features, I just provided you with a few to give you an idea.

There Are Accessories?

Now we all know that there are accessories for almost everything in today’s world. But did you realize there were accessories for headphones as well? Yep, and Bose does offer a nice line of accessories to go with their headphones. Just as a heads up I am not going to list them all simply because they do have a great multitude to choose from but I do want to give you some ideas.

Bose carries accessories like clothing clips, carrying cases, chargers, and even a variety of different ear cushions to choose from. So let’s say you decide you want to purchase a Bose headphones set but you really don’t like the type of ear cushions it came with, well I would say no worries because they offer several other options for you to choose from.

Accessories are not a necessity, but they can be great to have. Take the carrying cases for example, you can simply place your Bose headphones in this nice and neat little carrying case instead of wadding them all up and stuffing them in your pocket. Or even if we look at the different cable options, lets say you would rather plug into a device instead of being wireless, with these accessory options you can do this as well.

So no Accessories is not a necessity if you are buying a Bose headphone set. But you never know what might just come in handy and it wouldn’t hurt anything for you take a peek at what accessories they offer.

Prices And Warranties!

Here is where it gets kind of rough, prices. Their prices are a little steep, but you are paying for quality and something that will last you for a while. So the saying, you get what you pay for, could apply here.

Now of course the exact price will depend greatly on which product you choose. However, I at least wanted to give you a range of what you are looking at. Visiting their site I found Sound Sport in ear Apple device for $99.95. Now according to their site this is one of the lower ended prices.

Looking at the higher end prices, the highest one I saw was A20 Aviation headset. Now this one is priced at $995.95. But we are talking about headphones for pilots as well. As you can see it truly does depend on the product, but the quality is worth the price.Musical notes

Being honest here, when it comes to warranties, I know that they do offer them and that of course how much warranty depends also on which headphone set you are choosing. Now I was looking to give you a better idea of the range and what I found when looking at most of the products in the specs part, it simply said warranty card. Which leads me to think if you were going to go ahead and make a purchase you may want to look into this beforehand just to make sure of type of warranty you will be getting. But they do come with warranties nonetheless.

So yes a little steep on prices, however, you are getting long-lasting good quality products that also come with a warranty. So what do you think, worth it or not?

What Do You Think?

There it is guys and girls, one of the most recognized company names in the sound industry, Bose! Overall I think they are a great company, offering so many options in products, accessories, and they even provide warranties. However, we are not talking about me and what I think, we are talking about you! So what is your thoughts or questions on Bose headphones and the Bose company in general. I would love to hear them.

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If you do want to leave your thoughts/opinions or if you have any questions please feel free to leave them for me below. I will gladly accept all and I enjoy hearing from you.

Thank you so much for coming by, please don’t be a stranger. And above all else have a wonderful day!

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  1. Thanks for this informative article, Melissa. I have had a number of Bose speakers over the years and have always been completely satisfied with them. Good quality!

    To be honest, I didn’t know that Bose manufactured the ‘earbud’ style of headsets which are my favorite style of headphones. Of the 12 options mentioned in your article, the Sound Sport Free wireless headphones would be my preference.

    I realize the costs of the Bose products are a little pricey, but as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

    Thanks again for sharing Melissa!


    1. Hi Luke. Glad to see you. I am really glad to hear you have already been a Bose customer. And I am very glad to know that you back this company up. It is nice to get have personal experience and even better when it is a positive one. I have to say I was a bit surprised when I found out that they also had the earbud styles as well. For as long as I have know they have been about surround sound and speakers. But I am sure since they offer such great quality in these there earbuds and headphones will have the same great quality. Thank you so much for providing with your personal experience and for stopping by.
      Thank you and have a wonderful day

  2. Hello Melissa

    I have always dreamed of owning a Bose music system one day, I just have never had the extra money to invest in their products. I do feel Bose products are worth investing in if you are able too, I enjoyed your post on the Bose company and products and one day I might even own Bose products myself


    1. Hey Jeff. So glad you got to come by and see all the wonderful information about the Bose company. They really are a great company. I have to agree they can be a little on the steep end for me as well. But another one of those you get what you pay for. I hope you do get a chance to invest in Bose someday. Thank you so much for providing me with you perspective.
      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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