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Bose vs. Jabra headsets, which company is better? What are the differences between the 2 companies? Well I am here to tell you both of these companies are outstanding companies, well-known for their products. But as always each company has something the other one doesn’t have. Sometimes it could be a big price difference other times it could be a difference in the quality of the products they are offering.wireless earbudsheadset

Well I have decided to take the 2 very highly and reputable name brands, (Bose and Jabra) and do a little comparison for you. I plan on filling you in on a little more on the details of the company, how some of their products compare, and why don’t we take a small glance into see what other people have said about each one of these companies.

If you are searching for a new headset, why not stick around and find out how these companies compare and if one of them would be a great match for you!


For most people Bose is a very common and reputable brand name everywhere. They are very well-known for their products and the sound quality the offer in each one of them. Now Bose is more well-known for its home audio systems and their speakers, however, this massive company does carry many other items as well. Which I will be telling you more about below.

But I wanted to first off tell you a little more about the Bose company itself and what I have found out. So you interested? Please keep reading I am sure you will be intrigued!

Okay so for starters the Bose company was first founded in 1964. Wow quite a long time right! So what can this tell you? Well to me this means this is a company that has a very good practice with not only providing top quality products, but it also means they have to be putting their customers needs first.

Look at this way, no company is going to make it this long without having a good customer base. Simply because no matter how hard you may try a company simply will not make it if their customers are unhappy and receiving poor quality products. This also can show that they are a company to be trusted and that they have had many repeat customers. Age is simply a number but when it comes to a business it can show its integrity.

Did you also known that Bose’s headphones were used by astronauts in space shuttles. They did this because Bose has some best known noise cancellation headphones out there. Now that goes to say a lot within itself. Can you imagine being in a space shuttle and how much noise that would be. And here they are using Bose headphones because of its ability to cancel out almost all the loud noises.

Now I also went digging through the about us post on Bose, I found some great information on how they look at their company that I would like to share with you as well. Things like the have a goal to help create better products and different products that you will not be able to find anywhere else, is one of the things they mentioned.

Bose also stated that as they are building their business and products they do so with the upmost integrity and respect of all people. They went on to also state that they did not build this business for money but built it for the people.

What do you think? For me Bose seems like a very sound and reliable company with its customers best needs at heart. And they are truly out to help the many needs of people when it comes to product surrounding sound quality! Excellent company if you want my opinion.


Now I known most people have heard of Bose, but I known personally I have not heard of Jabra until here recently when I started this cell phone accessories site. But with that being said I have found them to also be an outstanding company as well. I have done a lot of research on this company and have even made a separate post for their product and the information on them. So I wanted to give you a little more of a glimpse of who this company is and what they are about as well.

First off I thought I would let you known Jabra was founded in 1983. So they truly have been around for a bit. Not quite as long as Bose, but they still have made it a good length of time. And I have to say they have made some remarkable progress in this time frame as well.

For starters, one thing I found very interesting is Jabra is the first company to develop the microphone and speaker into the earbuds. What a great feature to have if I say so myself have your earbuds in and be able to talk and hear someone with just your earbuds and of course the little microphone that is built into the wiring.

Another thing I found that I thought was unique is that Jabra was also the first company to make a Bluetooth headset. So what does this mean? Well you known the over your head headsets, well they went and made it wireless and Bluetooth accessible. I love this concept, simply because I hate fighting with all the wires, and Bluetooth helps to eliminate this problem.

Now I just want to mention one more thing before I go on and tell you about what the company has to say for itself. And one other thing is this company is all about creating the best sound for customers they possibly can. An example of this, not only have they provided great quality headsets but they also have gone on to produce hearing aids as well. From this I can say they really do care about our sound and the quality of hearing (this is my opinion anyways).

As far as reading their about us post, they have a lot of great things to say there as well. Here are some things they have mentioned about their company. First off they have mentioned they do, do a lot of research before producing any product, they want to ensure they are putting the best they can out there.

They also go on to state that they strive to provide the best sound quality for music or calling. A couple of other things Jabra mentioned is that they pack more features into all of their headsets than other headsets. And that they offer features like wireless, noise cancellation, and high definition products to meet everyones needs.

So what is your thoughts and opinions? For me I think even though this company hasn’t been around as long, it does seem like they are working very hard for their customers needs and desires. I believe in all honesty that this company is also a very good company to have around.

Other Peoples Insight

All too often we go searching for a product on the internet and we come across so many, but what makes one better or more trust worthy than the next? Well to be honest most of the time it can be hard to tell we just go off of what looks to be the best. And in doing this sometimes we end up with a bad product, or it could go quite the opposite way and end up with the best thing out there. But one way to help you out with making this decision is to take a look at what others have to say. Reviews and comments can be very useful when you want to find out where a product or a company stands.

So to help you compare these 2 companies, I want to give some insight into what other people have said as well. This way you can also see what people who have had dealing with these companies and products firsthand have to offer you. So here you go other peoples point of view.


With Bose reviews I honestly did find a mix of opinions.headsets                                                                        


  • Several people spoke highly of Bose saying that they have great product and services.
  • Great customer service and no problems in exchanging defective products.
  • This person had a very old set of noise canceling headphones, their cushion on them had become wore out. Even though this was an older product they replaced it free of charge with no hassles.
  • Great quality products

Okay so these are just a few for example. Now I want to also give you a few bad ones as well.


  • Bad products they don’t last. Have become poorly built.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Not good about helping out when a product has broke with the exchange process
  • After contacting Them about a problem and sending it back in they didn’t contact them back to replace their product.

As you can see there are several people who have had issues with Bose.

Now how about we take a look at Jabra and see what people had to say about them and their products as well.headsets



  • Great product. Very clear and easy to hear out of.
  • Good quality set of headphones.
  • Very comfortable ear pieces.
  • The battery life of these products are very good.

I am going to be honest, it was very hard to find reviews for the company itself. Most of the reviews that I found were about a specific product that they carry. But here a few I have found.


  • Bad customer service. Had problems with products and trying to exchange them. Customer service was not helpful at all.
  • The worst sales experience every had.
  • Slow replies and unclear instructions
  • Bad Bluetooth.

Now for the most part of the bad reviews were dealing with the customer service. I really only seen I bad review of the product itself.

As with any company there is always the good with the bad and these are the same when it comes to reviews. Now sometimes the reviews are more serious and you do need to listen to what people are saying. However, you also have to keep in mind sometimes people are just displeased and they can take it out of proportion. So I just suggest that you carefully read over them all before making a final decision.

How About Headsets!

With most companies you typically will only find one or two different styles to choose from. However, with both of these companies there many options. And even though they have similar products each company has their own features that they have installed into each headset.

So I thought it would be a great idea to tell you the styles that both companies offer.

  • They both offer an over the ear style headset. However, the difference is Jabra’s over the ear head set are more geared toward calling. Meaning they also have a microphone piece that you can speak into.
  • They also both offer what they call a sports set of head phones. Now both of these can have wires or wireless and can be used with Bluetooth.
  • Now I only seen the Bluetooth mono headset offered at Jabra. Now I am not saying that Bose doesn’t offer a similar product, but I couldn’t find one.

Now these are the main designs of them, however, there are several kinds of each one in each category. Offering a wide variety of choices to choose from. One other little not that I wanted to make sure and mention is that both companies are very similar in the price ranges. Of course the prices depend on which product you are looking into. But for the most part they are close to the same price.

Which One Is Better?

It is like I said both Bose and Jabra are very sound companies and both have put a lot of work into their products and what they offer for each. When it comes to which one is better, I think they pretty much both stand on equal grounds. But that is up to you to decide. There is good and bad points for both and they each have some outstanding devices. Just make sure you fully check into each one before making that final decision. And if you need any help I will be glad to do what I can.

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Thank you for coming by. I hope you have found something that will help you in your decision-making progress. I welcome you to leave me your input or experience. If you would like to please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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  1. Hello!

    Thank you for this very informative review! I am very intrigued by what you’ve mentioned in the article.

    I wasn’t aware that Bose has been around for 53 years! I can say that I’ve always been very pleased with whatever electronic devices I’ve gotten from this brand.

    I am aware the Jabra is also a reputable company with quality electronic devices and I would not hesitate to give them a try.

    Thanks for providing this information!


    1. Hi Cathy. Thank you for coming by to visit with me. I hope you are doing well.
      I am so glad you like my review. I know a lot of people have heard of Bose, but I found out not as many people heard about Jabra so I thought I might be able to help people out with some great information. I am also very glad that you are aware thea a reputable company. It is nice to see others knowledge on companies and what they think.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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