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Bluetooth Keyboard-Virtual VS Foldable!

Virtual Bluetooth keyboard

I know I have another post on my site about Bluetooth Keyboard, however, as I mentioned there are 2 main kinds. One kind being a fold-able Bluetooth keyboard and the other is the virtual Bluetooth keyboard. Now in…

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weBoost Vs HiBoost-Cell Phone Signal Booster For Your Home

cell phone signal booster

Do you suffer from poor cell phone signal at home? Maybe you live in the country or even in a big city. There are many reasons you could have poor signal. And a cell phone booster might just…

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JBL VS Skullcandy Earbuds-Which One Ranks The Best?


JBL VS Skullcandy earbuds! Which one is the best? Does one out rank the other one? Here we have 2 very good name brand earbuds, but what are the difference between the two? And why do certain people…

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Bose VS. Jabra Bluetooth Headsets

wireless earbuds

Bose vs. Jabra headsets, which company is better? What are the differences between the 2 companies? Well I am here to tell you both of these companies are outstanding companies, well-known for their products. But as always each…

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