Cell Phone Batteries-What Are Some Reasons They Explode?

It seems that cell phones have become a very useful tool to have around. I mean we can do almost anything with them. Like look up directions where we are going, videos of how to do things, and we even get to stay in touch with family and friends. Of course though with this much usage your cell phone batteries can wear out.

So what do you do when your cell phone batteries have worn out and will no longer charge? Well one option of course is to go and buy a whole new cell phone. But let’s face it this can be expensive and a hassle. Especially if you already have a phone that you love and works perfectly fine except for the battery.

Another option and personally I think is a better option is to get a new cell phone battery. It is an easy fix and a lot cheaper than a whole new cell phone. And another bonus is you get to keep the phone you already enjoy.

It is very simple to figure out which kind of battery your cell phone will need and I will be glad to explain this to. I will tell you how to find the numbers you need to have on hand to purchase a new one.

But say your phone still charges but you suspect you might need a new cell phone battery. Well I will be glad to explain to you some techniques on how to tell if your cell phone batteries are getting too old and worn out.

Did you know if your cell phone batteries are still charging but are worn out it could cause some serious problems like the exploding batteries you have heard about. Now there are a couple of other reasons’ for exploding cell phone batteries. So for your safety I want to tell you about some things to check for so you don’t end up with an exploding battery.

Please stick around I am sure if you are concerned with your cell phone batteries, I will be providing you some very valuable information that could be of help to you.

Do You Need A New Cell Phone Battery?

Do you know how to tell if you need a new cell phone battery? Well the first way is obvious and I am sure most of you know. That is when you cell phone will no longer charge or it doesn’t hold a charge for very long. This is one tall tail sign that it is that time, time for a new battery.

However, there is a couple more ways to tell if you need a new battery. Even if your cell phone batteries are holding a charge it is a very good idea to check for these things as well. These indicators could mean you have a corrupt battery and could lead to even bigger problems.

For this tip you want to take your cell phone battery out of your phone and lay it on a flat even surface. Next you want to simply look over the battery, you are looking to make sure it lays flat on the surface. A good battery should not have any bulges in it.

The other thing you want to do is called a spin test. If you can put your finger on the battery and spin it, you definitely have a bad battery and need to properly dispose of it. If it spins it means all the components inside have expanded which could lead to an exploding battery. A good battery will not spin and this means you are still good to go!

Now that you have a better idea of some key factors to figuring out if you have a bad battery, do you know how to figure out which battery you need if you need a new one? Well I have some simple solutions for this as well in the next topic.

How Do Find The Right Battery For Your Cell Phone?

Did you decide you needed a new cell phone battery? Well if so, you are ready for the next step and that is how to find the right one for your cell phone. Don’t worry this is an easy process as well.

To find the right battery for your cell phone you will need to know 3 things.

  1. You need to know what brand of cell phone you have.
  2. You need to know your cell phone model number.
  3. And lastly you need to know the model number to your cell phone battery.

See it is pretty easy so far huh? Okay so I am going to assume you also want to know where to find all the information for these 3 things. Alright this is easy to find as well.

  1. Cell phone brand-if you are not sure what kind of phone you purchased you can find the brand on your phone or in the warranty papers you received with your phone.
  2. Cell phone model number-for this one there is also 2 ways to find this. First it can be located in the paperwork that came with the phone or if you take the back off of your phone and take the battery out it should be located on the phone underneath where the battery was sitting.
  3. The model number for your battery-the model number for the battery should be located on the battery itself.

Now that you know what you need and how to find it, all you have to do is go look for the battery that matches the same information. One last thing is when you receive your new battery make sure that they all do match. It is not very common but sometimes mistakes can be made and they may have sent you the wrong one.

Alright now that we have the basics information covered about your cell phone batteries and how to tell if you need a new one along with how to get a new one, how about we take a glance at the every so scary thought of exploding batteries.

What Can Cause A Cell Phone Battery Explode?

Let’s face there have been some serious scare when it came to our cell phone batteries exploding. This has been a rising concern not only for our selves but also for our kids. So do you know some reasons’ cell phone batteries can explode. Having this knowledge on hand can be very useful so I thought I would expose some of these reasons’ for you.

One major thing to understand is there is a lot of things going on inside of the battery of yours. Several circuits and lots of technology. Now if in any way at all one of those circuits is interfered with it could cause a short circuit which could lead to an explosion.

So a couple of things that could lead to a short circuit is first a cheap battery. No, they probably don’t do this on purpose but if your battery is cheaper it probably has been made with cheaper material. Which in the end can result in all the circuits not being help in place tightly and properly.

Another way that your cell phone batteries can become short circuited is when you drop your phone. I know this one is next to impossible to keep from happening but if you have a good case it can help. Now how dropping your phone can cause a short circuit in your battery is 2 ways.

First it can jolt everything inside resulting in loss of circuit connection. And the second is if one of these small broken pieces barely puncture a whole this can cause some major connection problems as well.

Over heating is another huge cause of cell phone battery explosions. You see if your cell phone batteries over heat it slowly but surely melts the components inside not allowing a free flowing circuit. Now yes your cell can over heat by the common things like being left in the hot sun, but did you know over charging your battery can overheat it as well?

By over charging it you are pushing too much juice into your phone and it can result in your phone and the battery to become overheated. So just make sure you are unplugging it and not just constantly leaving it on a charger.

As you can probably tell most of the reasons’ for cell phone batteries to explode come from in some way changing the or ruining the circuit operations. Batteries are put together very technically and have lot of little tiny components all throughout them and disturbing a single one can cause a major problem like an exploding battery.

So just be cautious and make sure your phone is not overheating and make sure to check it every so often to ensure it is not warped or bulging. With these few tips you can make sure that you or someone you love will not have to worry about an exploding battery.

Here is a short video to show you what I am describing!

Do You Agree A New Battery Might Be The Answer?

So if you are having problems with your cell phone do you agree that it might be a better option to get a new battery versus a whole new phone. Batteries are by far a lot cheaper and way more convenient than a whole new phone.

And as you can see from my post it can be very easy to find and purchase cell phone batteries. Also, even though exploding batteries can be very scary, there are some super easy ways to check and ensure that you have a good battery, reducing the possibilities of exploding.

I have to say I am very glad that I have been given the chance to provide you with all of this great information. I truly hope that you have found some of this information to be very helpful to you. It can be easy to check your battery, buy a new one and ensure your safety all at once.

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I do want to thank you very much for coming by. I invite you to ask as many questions as you would like or if you have something to add I would enjoy this information as well. Please feel free to use my comment box or email address provided below.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!


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  1. Hello Melissa,
    I have read a few of your posts in the past, and once again you have shared some things which I did not know about cell phone batteries. I never had a cell phone explode thank God, but I did have an issue with my cell phone overheating about a year ago. I called the company and they issued me a new phone, so now I am wondering why didn’t they just send me a battery or tell me it was my battery? Do you think my battery was the problem, I know know thanks to you how to check my battery to see if it is in need of replacing.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Jeff
      It is great to see you again. I am so glad that my posts have been so helpful for you. Giving you a whole new world. I have never had one explode on me either. But same as you I have had mine over heat as well. Yes I do think it was due the battery and to much energy being passed through it or it could have had a short circuit in it as well. The only thing I can think of why they didn’t just send you a new battery, depending on when this happened, but there was a spell of time where there were a lot of phones doing this. So your may have been one of those on this list and thought it was safer and better for business just to replace the whole thing. Yep now you know how to check them out properly. iphones though you should have checked at the store because they are not as easy to get to and you could mess something up trying to get to them.
      Glad I could help. Keep the questions coming.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

  2. This is an informative post. But, phones nowadays come with sealed cases, so we can only depend on the battery performance to check if need a new one. Good stuff Melissa, keep it up!

    1. Hi Ravihansa.
      Thank you for coming by. I am glad that you have this post to be informative. I understand that there are a lot of sealed up cases now days but there are many still out there that you can take the back off to access the battery. The ones that I see more often that are sealed up is iphones. But I have an LG and still can remove mine. So I figured I would write this for the people who can still check this way.
      Thank you for coming by and have a wonderful day.

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