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There are so many reasons why people need cell phones these days. Things like keeping in touch with family and friends, or maybe you use yours for work and business purposes.

Regardless of the reason that you need your cell phone for, you simply can not use it if it is dead. So my advice keep a cell phone charger around you at all times.cell phone charger

Years ago this may have been a little harder to achieve since there was just your standard wall plugin chargers. But now there are so many more options that you shouldn’t have a problem having access to a charger no matter where you are.

If you happen to be asking yourself what I am talking about, don’t worry I will be explaining different types of cell phone chargers that are available for you today. For some bonus ideas I also thought I would give you some tips to charging your cell phone, how to make sure you are getting the right charger for your phone, as well as giving you ideas on different prices.

So if you need a cell phone charger stick around I might just have something to help you decide which one would be a good fit for you with a price that can fit your budget.

Find The Right Cell Phone Charger For You!

I am very proud of the people we have working to come up with new ideas for all of our needs these days. And it is no different with the people who are working on different ideas for our cell phone needs. For this post though I am specifically talking about cell phone chargers.

These very inventive people have come up with some pretty amazing ideas to help simplify our lives and they seem to keep evolving their ideas all the time.

So I thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some different types of cell phone chargers that are available for you today. I am sure within a short period of time there will be even more of a variety due to the fact like I said they are always coming up with new a great ideas.

Just to let you know there are millions of different options available, but I want to give you a general idea and how they work. Let’s go ahead and look at some of these.

  • Of course there is the Standard Charger we all know. The chargers that have a cord and plug them into a cube and the cube plugs into the wall. This is great if you are inside of your home or a building where there are plug inns available. This one is fairly simple to use find a chord that matches the type of phone you have insert it into the cube and into your phone and plug into an outlet. There you have it let it charge away.
  • Then of course there is the Port Chargers that are available to use in your car. You will still need your cord but instead of plugging into a cube you will be plugging into a port then plug the port into a USB port. There you have it charges your phone while you are on the go.
  • Now how about one of my favorites. The Portable Cell Phone Chargers. I like these chargers because you can charges your phone anywhere you are. It follows the same concept still you have to have a chord to fit your phone and you plug it into the portable chargers. The main difference is the portable chargers do not have to be plugged into anything in order to charges your phone. Mainly this one works by plugging it in and letting it fully charge then you can carry it with you and it will hold a charge so that you can plug your cell phone into it when the battery gets low and it will use the stored charge to charge up your phone.
  • Now here is another great idea for your car. They now make cell phone car mounts that the base can charges your phone while holding on to your phone. So Cell Phone Car Mount Chargers serves 2 purposes at once. Instead of having a chord running all over your car while your cell phone is on its mount, you can get a cell phone mount that will charges your phone with no chord needed.
  • Charging Pads have also become a popular item. I personally do not have any experience with these but I still found some great information to help you decide if this is one that you would like to choose. To use this one you plug in the charging pad and simply lay your phone on top of the charging pad and let the charging begin. Even though I have not used this before I can see where it could be handy. Say you are sleeping and someone calls you in the middle of the night, you can simply pick your phone up and talk away without having to fumble with all the chords half asleep.
  • Alright I want to tell you about one more, and that is the Multi Chargers. This one is kind of crazy looking there is the one main spot that plugs into a cube with multiple kinds of charging tips coming out from it so that you can easily charge several kinds of phone with one chord. Now you can get these with just a couple of different tips or you can have several on one. Can be handy for either different types of phones in one house or even multiple people needing to charge their phone at once.

Most of these have multiple styles to choose from not necessarily are they one standard look. Making it really fun to find one that you not only like best but that would work best for you and your busy life.

Tips For Charging Your Phones!

In general most of us see our phone almost dead and plug it in and let it charge away. Now we will usually let it charge fully before we unplug it. While this may be by far the most convenient for us did you know doing this a lot can damage the life of your battery?

Most of our phone batteries are only meant to last between 3-5 years. Now that really isn’t a long time at all especially compared to the life of our cell phones. But did you know if you follow certain steps when charging your cell phone you can help your cell phone battery have a longer life?

Well if you didn’t know here are some helpful tips that you can do very easily to help with the life span of your cell phone battery.

  • One great tip is don’t leave your phone in hot areas. Some examples, don’t leave it in the hot car, don’t leave it out in the sun, and don’t leave it laying out on the sand at the beach. These kinds of extreme heat do have a tendency to take a wear on your cell phone battery.
  • Say you have a backup battery tucked away in a drawer. Well it is a good idea to take it out and charge it every so often maybe once or twice a week. This is because if you leave a battery uncharged for too long it will no longer hold a charge at all.
  • Now let’s take a glance at the actual percentages that work best for most cell phone batteries. Typically, it is best to charges your phone when it gets close to 50%. And although this is optimal timing you really don’t want to charge it completely every time. With this being said you can also let it go below 50% sometimes however, it is best if you don’t let it go below 20%.
  • I am sure that most of you have heard that it is also good to let your phone completely die and then charge it 100%. While this can be a good habit to do, it is also only good to do about once a month. Doing this too often can also shorten the life span of your battery.
  • And finally this kind of goes along with the leaving your phone in a hot place, if you happen to be the type of person like me that it is easiest to charges your phone overnight, it is not good to leave your case on your phone. See what happens is while your battery is charging it does heat up some, well if your case is on it, it will help to trap the heat which once again the battery doesn’t like this and you will be damaging it.

Although some of these facts are kind of common knowledge facts that are plenty more I didn’t even know about, like not charging your phone to a 100% percent every time. So I hope maybe you have learned one fact that you didn’t know before that will be helpful to you.

Make Sure To Buy The Right One!

Normally, when you buy a new phone a charger is usually included with it. And if does it is best to use this charger. Simply because this is the charger and chord that was designed to best optimize your cell phones battery.

However, believe me I know from experience things can happen to those chargers. Like with me, we have 2 cats that are sneaky and love to chew on these chords. So I have had to replace many chords.

On the other hand your cube can also go out causing problems with not being able to receive a charge at all.

Well whatever the reason is, if you have to buy a new charger make sure you are buying one that it made for the type of phone you have. This will help with the best and fastest charger, but it will also help to sustain the life on your battery as well.

One other thing you need to make sure of that I am pretty sure most of you know, is simply make sure you are getting the right chord for your phone. Each type of phone has a different size of chord that will plug into your phone. So to save your self a little time and another trip make sure your read the box to see if that size will fit your phone.

Buying the right cell phone charger only takes a couple of seconds and a very tiny bit of reading. But making sure you are buying the right one really could help out with your battery life.

How about what are the 10 best portable chargers?

Now You Are Set!

Alright you should be all set with some great about buying a cell phone charger, the best way to use them and get the most out of your battery, along with making sure that you are getting what you really need.

Cell phone chargers are a pretty important part to having a cell phone making sure that you are using the right one, the right way is just as important. So take just a minute and make sure you are buying what is best for both you and your cell phone.


Thank you so much for coming by. I hope I have taught you something new and helpful about cell phone chargers. But if I didn’t cover something you would like to know about please feel free to ask away. Comments, questions, ideas, and suggestions are always welcome and you can leave them below in the comment box or the email address.

Thank you again for coming by, I hope to hear from you soon.

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. This is a great and timely post, and thank you for such valuable information. I am always losing my charge, and the portable charging device is always out of power as well. I keep my phone charging all the time in the car and have ruined the battery as a result. The charging station looks like a great solution, and thank you!

    1. Hi Amy. I love to hear it was perfect timing! It is nice when everything plays out smoothly. I am sorry to hear about all the issues you have going on. It really can be annoying when our phone is dead and have no way to charge it. I am glad you have found some great information on your battery as well. You know it wasn’t till I did this post that I realized how hard I was being on my battery as well. I happy that it helped you out as well. I also wanted to let you know if you are needing a new battery I have a very helpful post covering this as well. If you need any help finding out some more information please let me know. I will be happy to do what ever I can to find you the right answers.
      Thank you so much for coming by I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Hello Melissa,

    Great information, especially for me, who just bought my first cell phone for only about half a year ago. Until now I have charged the cell phone battery with a standard wall plugin charger.

    The portable cell phone charger seems to be very practical. I’d love to be sure not having my battery going out of energy when I’m away from home. Have I understood correctly, that the portable cell phone charger has to be charged itself in a wall socket? How many times can the cell phone get charged by the portable cell phone charger?

    I also want to thank you for the useful tips on how to prolong the lifespan of the cell phone battery. Better keep my phone in a cool place!


    1. Hi Pernilla.
      Thank you so much for stopping by. Welcome to the mobile world it is great after you get used to. I do love the portable chargers they come in very handy. Yes you are understanding right. You do have to charge the portable chargers first. Now you can use the same charger as the one you use for your phone. But it will keep the charge much longer than your phone unless you are charging your phone off it. So say you completely charge and 8 hours later you need to charge your phone the portable charger will still basically fully charged until you charge your phone. I hope that makes sense.
      As far as how many times can it charge your phone, that really depends on which one you choose. Most of the cheaper ones will offer 1 full charge. But there are some more expensive ones that will allow you to charge your phone a couple of times. So this one depends on the product itself. But even with the cheaper ones that do just once they will fully charge your battery.
      I am so glad you got so much information to help you out with your newly cell phone journey. Take care of it and keep it cool and you should be good to go. Now if you do ever run into a problem with your battery I have a post on this as well that will show you some very easy ways to check your battery. I hope this all helps you.
      Thank you so much again and have a wonderful idea.

  3. Thank you very much Melissa, for the very helpful answer. You are offering a great service. Now I understand how it works with the portable charger.

    Good to know where I can find answers should I have any cell phone battery issues.


    1. Hi Pernilla. I am so glad to hear back from you. I am also glad that I could provide you with some great information and more helpful resources. Please feel free to come back by anytime you have any questions or need any help. I will be happy to do what ever I can.
      Thank you for coming back. Have a wonderful day!

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