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Of course since cell phones have come out there has many upgraded versions not only in the designs but also on the technology ends as well. One technological upgrade that I know I love to use personally is Google Maps. However, while this is helpful in guiding where to go, it also can be very dangerous as well.

So what to do about this help/hinder situation? Well I have a suggestion for you and it is one I also use, that is a cell phone holder for your car! See this can make it so easy to put in your destination, put in the cell phone holder and go! Hands free driving while still being instructed on your travel route!                                       

So see the best worlds in one device! But do you really know what a cell phone car mount is? How many ways it can be helpful? Or even that there are many styles to fit everyones needs?

Well below I plan on explaining these things so stick around for some great information on how this handy little tool can be your next prize possession.

Cell Phone Holder/Car Mounts

In today’s world we are all about modern technology including cell phones. And of course cell phones come with a ton of different gadgets. One of them being a car mount made to hold your cell phone while you are driving.

I personally love the idea of cell phone holders for you car, this can allow you to still have your phone handy and leave both of your hands free to drive.

So what is a cell phone holder for a car? Simply put it is this device that you attach in your car that you are able to slide your phone into and it will hold in place while you are driving. Now there are many ways to attach it in your car, which I will get into her in a bit, but after it is attached you can talk on your phone without trying to hold it while you are driving.

All in all it is a cool little gadget that could do you a lot of good if you happen to be a person that constantly needs to be on their phone while in the car.

How Does The Holder/Car Mount Stay In Place?

Let me start by saying there are a multitude ways of making this crazy contraption stay in place. Now of course some work better for certain people while others say this method isn’t good at all. So I figure I would try to give you an array of different methods and you can choose which one works best for you.

So here we go! The first method I want to tell you about is super simple. It is the old suction cup way. Basically your mount that you purchase will have a suction cup on the back of it. Allowing you to stick it to the windshield or dashboard. Now that may work for some, but be careful if you have a heavy phone this may weigh it down resulting in it coming loose.

Next there is an adhesive. I am sure many of you are very familiar with this as well. Yep that sticky glue stuff that sticks to everything. My opinion this one seems to work relatively well. Take your review mirror for an example they usually stay stuck on there pretty good. Well this would be the same concept you choose the windshield or dashboard.

Another method I found was to have the mount clip to your vents. Great idea, well kind of anyways. Yes it would work well when running the AC, keep your phone nice and cool, however when you run the heater, well that is another story within itself.

Do you happen to have a CD player in your car? Well if you do then you have opened yourself up to another option. The also make mounts that you can slide into your CD player leaving the actual mounts sticking out. I think this one is a great idea unless your CD player sits down lower.

I could easily keep going on and on of different ways that you can get a cell phone holder to easily stay in place in your car. However, I thought I would just bring you a couple of examples and let you know the rest are just as easy to install. It is a more personal preference along with what would suit your needs and your phone best.

Some Great Reasons For Cell Phone Holders

I do realize that cell phones are needed more and more every day. People use them for all kinds of things such as business meetings, maps, or even making sure the kids are ready for their game. However, cell phone holders for your car is one way to help ensure you get their safely.

There are lot of distractions out on the road today and anything we can do to lessen them is always a great thing. Now I know texting and driving is a big issue, with a cell phone holder all you would have to do is set your phone to voice text. Put your phone in the slot and yes you text anyone by using your voice still remaining hands free.

Or let’s take a glance at the ever so popular business meeting. I understand this may be the meeting of a lifetime, however, you don’t have to put yourself in harms way to attend it. Simply leave your phone in the holder and talk away this way your hands are free along with you are more focused to looking on the road.

How about music, we all love to listen to music while we are driving right? Well if you don’t want to listen to what is on the radio simply set up your phone before you take off to play what ever station you want to listen to then simply put your phone in the cell phone holder and leave it.

One last thing I think is important to know is that even with the cell phone holders for your car you can still easily have your phone charging. Just in case that is a concern. There are open spots for you to put the charger in your phone.

So What Do You Think?

Well what are your thoughts? Does this sound like something that you could greatly benefit from?

I hope I have provided you enough information on how helpful and easy cell phone holders for your car can be. As I mentioned earlier I understand there is a lot of reasons that you could really need your cell phone in your car, so use them, but get a cell phone holder for your car and keep you safer on the road.

Which is the best car mounts? Here is a video claiming the 10 best ones!

Does Hands Free Driving Sound Good

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Thank you so much for coming by here I hope that I have provided some very useful and helpful information for you regarding cell phone holders for your car.

I hope I get to talk to you soon and thank you for coming by. If you have any questions, comments, ideas or even suggestions, there is 2 ways you can get them to me. One way is to leave them in the comment box or two you can email me at the address I have provided. They are both located below.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!


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  1. Finding the right phone holder has been a long battle for me…some of the arms or adjustable sockets simply won’t hold well or vibrate too much when in motion. I’ve considered the vent mount option but was afraid of overheating my phone when the heater is on.

    What I really need is a sturdy holder that offers wireless charging to keep my phone charged on long trips.

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Hello Scott.

      I am sorry you have had such a battle with finding one that will work for you. I see what you are looking for, I will do some searching and see if I can help you out with this. I haven’t ran accross one like this yet. But I will look for you.

      Thank you for coming by and hope you have a wonderful day. Be in touch with you soon.

    2. Hey Scott I wanted to let you know I did some looking into it and I did find some car mounts that are not attached to air vents and seem to be very sturdy and also offer the wireless chargers that you are looking for. If you would like to check out what I found I added them to my post at the top. I hope this helps you. Please let me know if one of these would work or if you need something else.
      Thank you again.
      Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Melissa
    Enjoyable read on cell phone holders! I agree with your article and use a cell phone holder in my car myself which works great for me because it lets me get around quickly in places I do not know using GPS apps.
    However I’m curious about your thoughts on whether they are completely safe. You mentioned responding to texts via voice – I’m wondering if other drivers would be tempted to read texts while driving possible creating a dangerous situation.

    1. Hi Jonathan. 

      Thank you so much for coming by I am glad to hear that you currently use one in your car. 

      My thoughts are I really wanted to promote this item so that maybe those people that have that temptation could see this as a way better option than trying to text while they are driving.

      I am sure there are people who are going to continue this dangerous activity. But with showing them there is other options that are way more safe maybe one person will use it instead of texting and driving.

      I know that some phones will even read the message out loud back to you. This is what I am hoping for so there is less distraction.

      Thank you so much for coming by.

      Have a wonderful day.

  3. Thanks for the info on these cell phone holders! In my state, there has been talk of passing a law forbidding the holding of a cell phone while driving. I’ll have to do a bit of research to see what will fit my vehicle best… there’s nothing on my phone worth me getting a ticket or into an accident!

    1. Hello Michael

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I know a lot of places are coming down hard on the laws about cell phones while driving. 

      I do have several different options available here how ever there is a lot more out there. If you get stuck I would happy to help you. There is advantages and disadvantages to each kind.

      Thank you again for stopping by and please ask if you need any help at all.

      Have a wonderful day

  4. Yes, I love cell phone holders, and Google maps. I don’t know where I would be without either, no pun intended?

    I’ve used several different cell phone holders in my car and personally do not like the ones with adhesive. That may be because I just like to move them around?

    I don’t know why, but I’ve never considered a tablet mount until reading your post. I noticed the Tsmine RCA Viking Pro 10.1″ Tablet Car Window Shield Mount and went to check it out. I think that’s my next hands free purchase, right there.

    Thanks for the post

    1. Hey Mike. I know I am with you on this. I love my cell phone holder it is so much easier and safer. I am not real big on the adhesive either simply because sometimes I need my seat closer or further away to stretch my legs some and it can make it harder to reach my phone if I am too far back. So I like to move mine as well. Yea I thought it would also be nice to show everyone that they do have other mounts besides just cell phones. If you run across any questions please feel free to holler at me I will be glad to help.
      Thank you so much for coming by. Have a wonderful day!

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