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Are you ready for another handy gadget for your cell phones? How about a cell phone keyboard! What I am crazy? Well yeah but that is beside the subject right now.

cell phone keyboardAnyways yes they have invented wireless Bluetooth keyboards that you can use with your cell phone. What a great idea right? I think so, especially for anyone who has a lot of typing to do for your business.

You can now simply tuck and tow a keyboard with you to use your cell phone instead of carrying around a bulky laptop or even an awkward sized tablet. Just grab your keyboard and cell phone and away you go.

I think this is a pretty amazing invention so I would like to tell you a little more about what they are, the different types you can get, maybe even some great examples of when they would be of some great help, along with some ideas on the prices you could be looking at.

So scroll on down and read all the way through or you can pick a topic you like best and just see what I have to say about this gadget I found called cell phone keyboard!

What Is A Cell Phone Keyboard?

I have to be honest when I first ran across this idea I had to check and double check that people actually used keyboards for cell phones. I mean why would you need a keyboard for you cell phone?

Well after doing a lot of reading on this is started to completely make sense. Yes there is a lot you can do on a cell phone and for most people this is enough and the keyboard already built into your smart phone is enough.

However, one thing I did realize is a cell phone keyboard could even be very useful for me. It uses Bluetooth technology so it is very easy to tote around. Now as you clearly see I am a blogger. So say I needed to go to a meeting or something like this, well I really don’t want to tote around my laptop everywhere.

Instead, I can easily pack up a small version of a keyboard and tote it with me, making it very simple to still do all the writing I need to, but instead of trying to type out all of these words on a tiny keyboard from my phone, I can now have a full size keyboard making it easier to finish whatever project I am working on.

I guess what I am trying to describe to you is simple. A cell phone keyboard is basically a keyboard like you would have on your laptop or desktop computer that is wireless and easily connects with you cell phone. Now they do come in different styles to fit different needs, which I will explain to you next.

What Style Best Fits You?

These nifty little gadgets do come in different sizes and styles. Some examples for you is you can get a medium-sized standard keyboard, or you can even have one that folds up by 3. Basically giving you this oblong little square easier for carrying and storing.

Now some of them have a back that stands up so you can place your phone there to look at while you are typing away. Others have very nice little stands to the side to place your phone in. There is also just the keyboard by itself. Honestly I can not tell you which style is best, this would be more of a personal liking and what would work best for you.

As far as sizes go, now you probably won’t find a super tiny one. Simply because it would almost be the same as typing on your cell phone keyboard. But they do offer a little smaller sizes for convenience of carrying.

However, on the other extreme you probably wouldn’t find one exceedingly huge either. This is due to the fact it could become a hassle to tote around as needed. But you can find some that are very decent sizes if you are person who needs a little more room to type.

If you are setting out to find a cell phone keyboard sizes and styles are definitely something you want to consider. These are made to make your life easier however, you really need to make sure one that would work best for your use.

How Useful Can A Cell Phone Keyboard Be?

Some of you may still not see the purpose of having a cell phone keyboard, so I thought I would give you some examples to help show how useful they can be.

Of course, I mentioned before a cell phone keyboard would be easier to carry around than a laptop or even a tablet. So it is more mobile and sense it runs off Bluetooth you would have the WiFi from your phone to access it.

Now Let’s say you are a business person and you need to write out a speech for a meeting that you will be attending, but with your busy life you also need to attend your children football practice. Well while your child is practicing you can pull out your keyboard and start typing away on your speech paper.

Or Let’s say for instance you are a blogger like me, but you need a change of scenery. It would be much simpler to head to the park on a beautiful day. You can easily tote along a small keyboard and your phone that you already carry with you and set it up. Not to mention this way you would still have the internet to work with for research.

There are many more examples out there of how a cell phone keyboard could be very useful and convenient. But the basic concept is this could provide you with the ease of working from your laptop or desktop anywhere you are without all the bulkiness and still being able to provide you internet access through your phone.


I am sure you might be thinking wow such a great gadget it has to be an outrageous price. Well let me tell you, I think you would be surprised. Now of course the prices do fluctuate with the cell phone keyboards. But some of this fluctuation is simply because of the different features you would deem necessary to fulfill your requirements.

So let’s see some cell phone keyboards can be found as cheap as $9.00. For this price it would be the most basic one out there, medium-sized and doesn’t fold, just a simple keyboard.

Now on average the rest of the usually run between $30.00-$40.00. This price would give you a couple more options in size and whether it is fold able or not. Also, some ones in this price range could include a place to put your cell phone.

And of course you can find one’s more expensive than this. Prices above the $30.00-$40.00 mark would definitely offer even more advanced features.

So I guess as you look through them make sure it has only the necessary options that would best benefit you. In doing this you would be saving yourself some money. Or if you are trying to go on the cheaper end you may not end up with the features that you need. So look at all of them closely before making your final decision.

What are the top 5 keyboards?

Is A Cell Phone Keyboard Helpful For You?

There you have it folks one of the newer gadgets for your cell phone. Keyboards are not just for desktops and laptops anymore. And let’s face it with all the changes in this world we need more and more gadgets to keep up with our busier than ever life.

So if you happen to be a person on the go or likes a change of scenery from time to time, but you still need to get work done maybe a cellphone keyboard would fit like a glove in your life. Helping you to multitask and get the best of all the worlds you need to function in.

Are You Ready For The Freedom To Work Anywhere?

Click On The Keyboard Below To See Your Options!

cell phone keyboard

I hope you have found this information very useful and helpful today. I would love to know your thoughts about cell phone keyboards. So if you happen to have any ideas, suggestions, comments or even questions please feel free to leave them below in either the comment box or at the email address I have provided.

Thank you again for coming by, please feel free to stop by anytime and visit with me.

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. A full keyboard for your mobile phone ha ha ha!! Gosh, some people really do think of everything don’t they. It sounds like a great idea though. I mean, lots of people have some app’s which they have paid for and downloaded and become device specific. If you have one that requires lots of typing, why not get a full keyboard to help you out?
    I think it’s a great idea for when you are out and about and you need to jot down a few things. SMS can be slow and bulky if you are used to speed typing. It is nice that you can buy them for as little as $9. thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for coming by. I was really surprised when I found this out. I was working ahead and making titles when I found people were searching for cell phone keyboards. Of curiosity gets the best of me and I went researching. But after reading all I could I do agree with you and everyone else this can be very helpful for many of reasons.
      Thank you again I hope you come back soon.
      Have a wonderful day.

  2. You won’t believe how many times when I wanted to write a message with my smartphone I was wishing to have a full keyboard. This is a gadget that although it can be strange to a lot of people it makes perfect sense for some and I am really considering buying one at some time in the future. Great article, thank you for the info!

    1. Hello thank you  for coming by.

      Yes I agree when I heard about the keyboards I did have to do some serious information searching to see if they really were for cell phones.

      However, I could really see how they could be very beneficial to some. Especially if you are person who has to do a lot of typing. I know for me personally I am not near as efficient typing of my phone as I am on keyboard.

      Thank you so much

      I hope you have a wonderful day

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