Cell Phone Lanyard-Go Ahead And Take A Hike!

Say you want to go for a hike, but you don’t want to leave your cell phone in your car, because you are expecting an important phone call. So what are you going to do with your phone? Possibly slide it in your pocket!

Um no that is a bad idea as you are climbing these every increasingly steep hills, your cell phone is likely to be wig worming it way out of your pocket. And of course the end result is not pretty at all. Now your phone lies on the ground shattered in a million pieces.

Can I give you a helpful hint? I have something that would be of a tremendous help in this situation and others like it. A Cell Phone Lanyard! With this little nifty gadget you can hang your cell phone your neck preventing it from climbing out of your pocket. Cell phone lanyards help to keep your phone easily accessible.

So do you have on of these great gadgets? If you do I am sure you have already found how useful they can be. But if not you may want to stick around and keep reading.

I am going to be explaining a little more about cell phone lanyards, what some great benefits are to having one of these, the different kinds that are available, and as a bonus I want to also give you some ideas of what kind of price you are looking at for one of these amazing gadgets. So buckle down and get ready here we go!

What Are Cell Phone Lanyards?

Lanyards are a lot like a necklace or a bracelet. They are straps that you wear around your neck, or even around your wrists. At the end of this strap there are different hooking devices depending on what you are using your lanyard for. Here let me help explain this a little better. Some lanyards have a clip at the bottom. Making it super simple to clip to your key ring.

Now a cell phone lanyard uses the same concept. A strap that you can place around your neck or wrists but it has different options to holding your phone. Some do have the clips and then have an attached piece that cradles your phone so it won’t slip out.

Another option is to buy a lanyard that comes with a cell phone case. Now for this one you can slide your phone into the case and the top of the case will clip to the lanyard. This way your phone is protected in a case but allowing you still have it on the lanyard.

Cell phone lanyards are also available where you can simply slide the latch through a phone case that you already have. On your cell phone case there should be some small hole on the backside, this is where you would slide the strap through.

There is really a lot of options out there when you are looking for a cell phone lanyard. A couple more ideas you can purchase a ring to put on the back of your phone that you can hook the lanyard to.

Or you can find pouches that you can slide your phone in and snap shut. Let’s face the possibilities are endless. But I am sure you now have a general idea of what a cell phone lanyard is, so let’s look at some ways this great little gadgets can beneficial.

Could They Benefit You?

In the beginning I mentioned how have a lanyard can be handy while hiking, but there are so many other great times that a cell phone lanyard could be very handy. How about we take a look at some of these different suggestions.

First are you a person who lays their phone down and simply forgets to grab it? Well if you had a cell phone lanyard it would already be around your neck and be with you at all times.

Or how about when you are cleaning your house. I am sure if you are cleaning your house your phone is probably laying on your kitchen counter. Which is a great place I must say, however are you going to hear it ringing away while vacuuming? Who knows you may have just missed your child’s school calling. Now if it was hanging down around your neck I am sure you would have heard this call.

Parks are a great way to wear your kiddo out. And of course you can’t miss out on the fun, so you are climbing right beside them all over the jungle gyms. But where is your cell phone? Well if you have a cell phone lanyard it is right there within hands reach hanging around your neck.

And we all know how important exercise is. Are you a person who likes to go jogging, or maybe you are more productive in a gym? Well either way with a cell phone lanyard you can easily accomplish your exercising routine while still being readily available at all times. Not to mention if you have it around your neck or wrist it is with you at all times ensuring that it won’t get stolen from your gym bag.

I could go on for miles and miles of many reasons a cell phone lanyard can be very beneficial to your life. However, I am sure you have a pretty good idea by now if one of these handy gadgets could be very helpful in your busy lifestyle.

I Bet They Are Expensive!

How much would you pay for a great little gadget like this? In my eyes this amazing little inventions could be worth a lot of money to me. I mean it saves me from leaving my phone somewhere, it helps me to keep it close so I don’t miss a call, and it even comes in handy with exercising and hiking.

However, great news is you are not going to have to spends tons of money to obtain a cell phone lanyard. But they do vary in price depending on what style you decide would best fit you. It also depends on what add-ons you to purchase that would be helpful for you. So let’s go ahead and look at some of these different prices, so you have a better idea.

For starers, for a more simple cell phone lanyard that has the strap to hang around your neck and a cradle to place your phone in, this start off as low as $7.99. Of course the prices do vary with the different material and such.

But let’s say you want a little better protection for your phone. Well if you want to purchase one that has the case that you slide your phone in, you could find one as cheap as $7.49. Or how about if you would prefer to put your phone in a pouch, well these are very reasonable as well. You can find some as cheap as $9.99.

Cell phone lanyards are really like any other product out there the more you want the more you are going to pay for. But all in all you can find a good lanyard fairly cheap and usually well within your budgets. It just really depends on what would work best for you!

Do You Need A Cell Phone Lanyard?

So what do you think? Can you see how a cell phone lanyard could be beneficial in your life? It is a relatively cheap gadget that can be very helpful in many situations throughout your life. Personally I think having one of this would save me from the hassle of trying to keep up with my phone. But what are your thoughts?

Get Your Cell Phone Lanyard

Before Your Next Hike!

So everyone I am glad you have stopped by to read more about cell phone lanyards. Did I cover all the questions you have? If not please feel free to me your questions or comments below. Down below I have a comment box for you I also have provided my email address that you can reach me at. Feel free to use either one.

Thank you again hope to hear from you soon!

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Hi Melissa, thanks for the great info in your article. I never knew you could attach the lanyards in so many different ways. Is there a variation that can attach to the belt hooks so that the phone can slip inside your pocket?

    All the best,
    Michelle 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle. So glad to you stopped by I hope all is well with you. I think these are really neat gadgets. So handy to have around. I really like that they have made them so versatile as well. Help to keep your cell phone a lot safer.
      Thank you so much for coming by. Have a wonderful day.

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