Cell Phone Screen Repair-What Are Your Options?

One of the most painful sounds out there is the shattering of our cell phone glass, when we drop it and it hits the ground. Now it may not be a physical agony sound but it is definitely a sound that get our mind rolling. It may trigger a thought of there goes a lot of money or maybe even a question like how do I go about getting a cell phone screen repair done.

Well if there is a chance that your phone has made it out of this fall safe and sound this is great. However, for the few of us unlucky people there can be other options and hope.

First and most important step is to figure out if your phone can be repaired. What I mean is did you just ruin the screen or did you damage the inside of the phone as well? Rest assured I will give you some more information on how to figure this part out later.

But on the off chance let’s say you pick up your phone and it is still completely function able. Now you might ask yourself, why should I go through the trouble, hassle and expensive of repairing it? Well I am here to tell you it is probably more important than you think. Just keeping on a reading to find out why.

Next after you have figured out these 2 other steps, you have a couple of options on how to go about fixing it. One is taking it to a shop for cell phones and the other is purchase a cell phone screen repair kit and do it yourself.

But which one is better? Well really that depends on you. I will give some useful information covering both options this way you can make a more sound choice to which way it would suit you best.

So if you are possibly in need of a cell phone screen repair, stick around and find out some more information before you make that ultimate decision. You never know without knowing the options.

Can It Be Repaired?

All too often we are dropping our cell phones. I know I blame mine on butter fingers. But the fact is still the same they do get dropped a lot and if we get lucky they come out if perfectly fine with a teeny-tiny scratch. Other times let’s face it we have the luck of a broken mirror.

One thing good is the majority of the time if our cell phone screen is broken the rest of the phone still is in working condition. Now you may be able to turn it on and see all of your icons and things in the background, but you may not be able to use the screen to access them.

If it happens to work out this way there is a very good chance that you can do a cell phone screen repair. However, if you try turning on your phone and it stays black, well I have bad news you have probably done some internal damage as well. In this case it simply won’t do you any good to do a cell phone screen repair.

So here is my suggestion for you for starters pick up your phone and first off check and make sure the battery is still in place and didn’t get jolted loose. Now after you have done this try to turn your phone on. If it turns on good we have the first step as a success. And the chances are it is not so badly damaged that it can not be repaired.

This is the easiest way by far to tell if you stand a chance at getting a cell phone screen repair done and if it worth going through the trouble of having one done.

Why Fix It If It Is Working?

Now are you asking yourself, why do I need to repair my phone if it is working? First of all even though it may turn on the touch screen part may not be working and if it is it might only be partially working. This can cause a ton of unneeded frustrations as you are using your phone.

Next let’s say your phone is still fully function able. That is good news for now anyways. However, later on down the line more problems are very likely to arise. Problems like over time it may stop working or it could even get as bad as to damage the rest of your phone.

Look at this way, if you have a shattered screen then these pieces are very tiny. And what if you were pushing on one of your icons and a sharp edge of this tiny piece pushes into your phone. My assumption is going to be well there goes your mother board.

Or you could even be taking a chance at hurting yourself by leaving your phone screen shattered. As you are pushing away on these icons or even sending someone a text, one of these tiny shards could move just enough and cut your fingers. Now I know this isn’t horrible right, but I know none of us enjoy paper cuts and this could very similar.

Another viable reason I see is, protection from liquids. Now I know it is not good either way to get your phone wet. However, let’s say you are drinking ice tea on a hot day and the cup your are using is sweating. If your phone screen is in perfect condition if one of the sweat beads drops on it then chances are your phone is going to be fine. Dry up the spot and go on.

However, taking the same instance with the sweat beads on a broken screen, is not good at all. Since it is now cracked that one little drip can easily slide in between the cracks and land right on your mother board frying it all to pieces.

So as you can probably see even if your phone is working great with a broken screen, there could be a lot of problems that could rear up in an instant causing some severe damage along the way. If you have a broken screen but your phone is working my advice is to go ahead and get it fixed.

Taking It To A Repair Shop Is One Option!

Here you are stuck with a broken cell phone, you know you need and want to get it fixed but how do you go about it? One way is very simple on your part and that is take it into a cell phone screen repair shop near you. Of course after you check out their reputation and prices.

As you see I mentioned their reputation. There are several very good and qualified cell phone screen repair shops out there. However, there are a few that just do the job to do the job. And it i these you want to be careful and watch out for.

When you run into one of these they could put your new screen on justly slightly off and this could cause a mountain of problems like your alignment may be off. So as you are trying to tap on your favorite app the actual place that is getting clicked is the internet button.

Another problem that can occur if it is not lined up properly is it might leave a tiny edge hanging off. This is bad because this piece can easily get chipped or broken and when it does it could very easily spider web across the rest of your screen. As a result you are now back in the same spot, needing a cell phone screen repair again.

One other thing I mentioned that I want to touch on real quick is the price. Going to a cell phone screen repair shop can go either way break your budget or be really cheap. Honestly you can find a good repair shop on both ends of this money ordeal but it would be a really good idea to take a look into each one individually.

Last thing I want to tell you about is unfortunately I can not tell you the best ones out there other than the actual company you purchased your phone through. The reason is there a bunch of them out there but each one is unique to its own town. For an example here where I live I have a store called Compute, now I trust them very much and have had them do a ton of work for me and they are very fair with their prices.

However, I know you are not going to find this same Compute store in your town unless you live in the same town as me. So yes there are good ones everywhere some of them are chain stores, but most are individualistic to that particular town they are in.

Repair Kits To Do From Home!

Yep you read that right. You can do a cell phone screen repair right from your own home. Now I want to warn you though this is a very tedious and requires being precise. So this is not for everyone.

Honestly, me I wouldn’t attempt to do a home repair just because I would be afraid of not getting it exact. However, though there are a ton of people out there that do this all the time and have mastered this skill.

It could be very beneficial in saving you money. You buy the kit, some will come with the glass you need other will not, and then you begin the process of fixing your own phone all while not paying labor to someone else.

If a route like this sounds like a good idea let me tell you a couple more details real quick. First of all you need to know that not all kits work for all types of phones so you want to make sure it will work for your before you buy it. Second like I said above some come with the glass and others don’t. So make sure you check this out as well so you are not stuck waiting for the glass to come in as well.

Third if this is something you do want to try but have no idea where to begin, I will tell you that You Tube has some great tutorial videos that can help walk you through this process.

Fourth I thought I would mention the fact usually buying a home cell phone screen repair kit is much cheaper than going out and having someone else to fix it for you.

Now finally a really good plus side of doing this your self and buying your own kit is that you can use it multiple times. You will have to buy a new screen every time but the tools themselves are like any other tools and can be reused. This could potentially save you a ton of money in the long run, if you drop your phone a lot.

Here is a great example video for you of how to do a cell phone screen repair at home.

So Much To Think About!

It is common knowledge that we all suffer from butter finger every now and again and some of us even more. And when this happens with our cell phones, usually the result is not good at all. But now at least you know how to tell if your cell phone is worth fixing, why you should have it fixed, and even have some options on how to go about fixing it.

So next time you suffer from butter fingers stop and think the situation through and see what your next move is going to be and which would be your better option. By far doing a cell phone screen repair is a lot cheaper than going out and buying a new phone. So if you can do a cell phone screen repair it could benefit you in the end.

If You Would Like To Try Your Hand At Doing A Repair From Home

Click On The Kit Below To Explore Your Options!

I want to take a moment to say thank you for coming by. I hope I was able to help you understand what to look for and some options you have moving forward. I would love to hear your thoughts. So if you want to tell me about them please leave them for me in the comment box or the email address provided below.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!


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  1. Been there , done that! On two separate occasions I have dropped my cell phone onto concrete that shattered the glass. Both times the glass was shattered and the phones were no longer functioning. The provider in which I had purchased the phones, advised me that repairing the phone(s) would cost me more than just buying a new one.

    Your article specifically states that I had other options that I did not realize at the time. With this information, I definitely will have some options, not if but when I drop my phone again.

    Is there any protector case you would recommend in case of drops? I just purchased an Otter Box for my phone and so far, so good.

    Thanks again Melissa for providing these options!


    1. Hi Luke.
      Thank you so much for stopping by. So you got a case of the butterfingers a lot like me. Those are no good. But I have had this happen several times as well and before I knew about the screen repair kits I did spend a ton of money replacing my phone as well. There are some good options out there.
      As far as a case that would offer great protection. In my opinion you have one of the best. As a matter of fact I have done an article on the Otterboxes. It has a lot of great information about how protective they are if you want to check it out here is the link to that post.https://getcellphoneaccessories.com/otterbox-cases/. They are a very good company and stand behind their product. I think you are in good hands.
      Thank you so much for coming by and remember next you drop it if it is still in working condition there are options.
      Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hey Melissa. Great article. I do drop my cell phone quite often. It’s nice to know there are options to fixing them. Back in the day, we just had to get a new phone. Now, things are so different.
    Thanks for getting this info out there.
    All the best!

    1. Hi Wendy
      Thank you for coming by. Yes I do remember those days and that money gone out the door. Glad to have more options now. And you are welcome.
      Thank you again have a wonderful day.

    1. Hello. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you found it helpful. Was there anything I could help you answer? Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day.

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