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cell phone signal booster

Modern day technology is expanding very rapidly! And of course with expansion comes even more gizmos and gadgets that we need to make our latest technology device work better. Cell phones are no different.

Here we have an amazing product, but we can always do something to improve it right? Well if it happens to be one of your problem is a poor signal, how about looking into a cell phone signal booster.cell phone tower

Now of course for the one’s of you out there that are ready know what one is you can go ahead and have a look around at what I am offering.

But if you happen to be a person that doesn’t understand what a cell phone signal booster is or if you could benefit from it, I have provided you with some great information that could assist you in this process. So here you go I hope this article helps you to better understand what a cell phone signal booster is and if you need one.

What Is A Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Do you suffer from poor cell phone signals at home or even in your car? If you have said yes to this than you very well may benefit from having a cell phone signal booster!

A cell phone signal booster essentially takes the signal you already are getting and amplifies it. Making so that you can have clearer calls, fewer dropped calls, it will also help to expand the life of your battery on your cell pone, and for one other thing if you have the internet on your phone it will help improve its speed as well.

Now that we have the benefits out of the way how about I go ahead and explain a little better what a signal booster is.

Cell phone signal boosters are also referred to as amplifiers and repeaters. These terms are used because well, amplifier- because it is using the current signal you have and amplifying it and the repeaters has to do with the signals that are sent out the booster basically repeats this signal to strengthen what you already have.

Usually there are 3 elements that come with a booster.

  1. An exterior antenna- this will be the antenna that you will be placing outside.
  2. Amplifier-this what all the signals will go through to strengthen them.
  3. An interior antenna-you will need to place this one inside.

Although these 3 components are usually included in the package you can also purchase items to enhance your signal boosters as well. Things like,

  1. Attenuator decreaser-what this does is it helps to reduce unwanted frequency signals that could cause some interruptions in your signal.
  2. Lighting surge protector
  3. Splitter
  4. Tap

So this is basically in a nut shell what a cell phone signal booster is and how it can help you out if you have poor signals. Now there is 2 main types of boosters available, I am going to go ahead and break them down for you as well.cell phones

Analog Signal Repeaters

An analog signal repeater is also known as BI-Directional repeaters/amplifiers (BDA for short). The analog signal repeater is the most commonly purchased signal booster. Now one of the reasons that the analog signal repeater is the more popular bought is due to the fact it can amplify all cell phone carriers frequencies. This particular version can also be used to help amplify the frequencies in a two-way radio.

The analog signal repeaters use more of the traditional technology to help amplify you cell phone signals. The are usually sold with the 3 components I mentioned above, interior and exterior antennas along with the amplifier.

Even though this is sold as one kit it does require some installation. Most of this installation will be a process of finding out where to put it all so that it gives you the best signal you can acquire. But really nothing to bad or hard.

On average an analog signal booster will help to amp your signal strength by 63 to 70 dB (decibels).

Like I mentioned this is the most commonly type of booster purchased, however there is one more type that I want to fill you in on. And that is the smart signal boosters.

Smart Signal Boosters

Now these are the newer models of the boosters. They use all digital base bands to help clean up the coverage before it is re-broadcasted to strengthen your signal.

The smart signal boosters also provide 100 dB (decibels) instead of the 63-70dB that the analog uses. Basically just a little more umph to help give you a clearer signal for your cell phone.

I also thought you would enjoy knowing that the smart signal booster comes with some extra features like, plug and play, the interior antenna is inside the box and there is also no need for an exterior antenna with the smart signal booster. But now as we all know if you want better you generally pay more. So yes the smart signal booster is a little more expensive thank the analog booster.

Your Check List

Alright finally there is a few more little tid bits I thought I would also let you know about that are important as well with either type of cell phone signal booster you choose.

  • It is advisable to register your booster with which ever cell phone carrier that you use.
  • Next it would also be helpful to make sure you know how much square footage you need to be covered before you make a purchase.
  • When placing the exterior antenna make sure you are putting it a good location, more open area with fewer obstacles blocking its path.
  • This booster will not help your WiFi. Just the internet that is on your phone.

Making sure of these few things will definitely help when deciding to purchase a cell phone signal booster. They also will help you after purchase with the installation process.

So are wondering if signal boosters really work? I found a video that will help you with that!

There You Have It!

Well have you decided yet whether or not you need a cell phone signal booster? I hope I have provided you with enough information to make a sound decision if this is something that would be useful to you.

I also hope that I have given you enough information that if you are going to purchase one that you can figure out which type would best suit your needs.

Cell phone signal boosters can be a great thing. Just make sure that you do need one and which one would work best for you before making your ultimate decision.

If You Are Suffering With Poor Cell Phone Signals 

But if you happen to have any questions, ideas or even comments please feel free to leave them below in the comment box. Another option is you can also email me at the provided address below.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!


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  1. Wow A portable Signal booster. I really needed this product a few years ago. We lived near a large park, but it also made up the edge of the mobile phone tower range. As a result of this we had a patchy mobile signal. I rang our telephone provider and was told that we would have to pay $2000 for a permanent booster to go on our roof. Having a $100 product that I can move around with would have been a much cheaper and easier solution.
    You mentioned the Analog Signal Repeaters, but Analog services have been discontinued in my area. Can you recommend a digital alternative? Is it what you call “smart Signal”? CDMA has also been discontinued where we live. Thank you

    1. Hello and thank you for coming by. That does sound pretty expensive. A ton of the mobile ones I have are a lot cheaper and yes have the ability to move.

      Yes smart signal is the same thing as a digital. And this also seems like it would be a better buy in my opinion. If you  are still having issues I really thing the smart signal/ digital alternative would be a great buy for you. They use more up to date technology as well.

      Thank you so much for stopping by if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

      Have a wonderful day.

  2. Awesome post, great info! I live out in the Canadian Rockies, and cell boosters are a must in some places here. The mountains, trees and hills can really kill cell coverage. Best improvement I have seen with boosters were from only 1 bar to 4 bars in the house! Neighbors are coming over to use their cellphones, I’m like a mini cellphone tower!
    Great post, now I can properly explain how a booster works to my neighbours.

    1. Hi Marcel. Thank you so much for coming by. I am glad you got a lot of good information on signal boosters for your cell phone.

      I am like you, I live out in the country so I can say I understand where you are coming from with very little signal on your cell phone. 

      So nice of you to let your neighbors come over to get service. Maybe you could refer them to my post so they can read all about how it could help them out as well and how they can find one for a decent price.

      Glad to have you here hope I get to talk to you again soon. 

      Thank you so much for coming by and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Signal in my area can be pretty bad as some moments and it has been more than once that I wished for a gadget like this. Although I live in a big city due to high buildings many times the signal is lost at the most inappropriate times. This article really made me want one so I may think twice now that I found this. Thank you for the information!

    1. Hello and thank you for coming.

      Yes in the busiest parts of the city your signal can easily be lost and bouncing off of different buildings. I think one of these signal boosters could be of great help to you. If you decide that is road you want to take please let me know I will be glad to help you out any what I can.

      Thank you so much 

      Have a wonderful day

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