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Blue earbuds

Earbuds, what a brilliant invention! Here we have this great gadget that we simply put into our ears and it allows us to hear things more clearly and some even help to block out excessive noises.

Now I know that earbuds are mainly used for listening to music but they can be used to better hear conversations or even just to block out unwanted noises.Blue earbuds

One great thing about earbuds is that there are so many brands to choose from each offering their own little advantage that makes their company stand out from the rest.

There is also people who love earbuds for a certain reason while others love headphones instead. Which one do you prefer and why?

Then you have the difference between having Bluetooth wireless or having the basic style of headphones. Is one better than the other? What is your opinion?

Sometimes people will choose headphones for their sound quality. While others are not out for the quality of the sound but would prefer something a little cheaper. So is sound qualities one of the things that you put on your check list when looking for a new set of earbuds?

I am sure most people will have their own thoughts, opinions, and some facts surrounding all of these options, however, I want to share with you my side and you can share your side of things with me at the bottom. How does that sound? Quality? (Ha-Ha)

So Many Brands!

In my opinion once earbuds became an actual patterned invention they took off like a wild fire. The word spread quickly reaching millions of different people and business alike. In doing so some of these business seen that this could potentially become the next new big thing.

So ultimately what ended up happening is several people started producing their own version making sure to install their own ideas of what would make their brand better than the next. And of course this did make some brands stand out a little more.

Take the Skullcandy brand, this is a very decent quality brand and happens to be a very sought out item. Many people are buying Skullcandy because they do produce a great sound and it isn’t so distorted.

Now I am also sure you have heard of the Gummie brand as well. It is also another popular brand. However, it is popular for complete different reasons. No they don’t have as good of quality of sound, but first off they are cheaper and their earpieces that go inside your ear seem to be a little more squishy allowing for a better for some people.

Apple has even come out with their own version that seems to be on high demand and these are called Apple Earpods. Same concept as an earbud but with its own little tweaks. Here is one example Apple has put the driver ports closer to the edge. What does this mean? Well simply put it helps to focus more of the sound right into your ear canal.

Dark blue earbuds

I am sure I could go on for ever with lists of different brands for earbuds and what the difference is in each one. But since I told you of a couple of popular brands and what advantage sets them apart from others, I figure I could give a small list of some more brands real quick just to give you an idea for references.

So here you go some more name brands of earbuds that can be found very easily

    • Bose Corporation
    • Sennheiser
    • JBL
    • Sony Corporation
    • Audio Technica
    • V-Moda
    • Monster Inc.

Okay so I am sure that you can see there a several to choose from and what is even better is this is not even half of the list. So if you are looking for something specific in earbuds you may want to check out several of them this way you can find one that is exactly what you want!

Earbuds VS Headphones!

How about I start this topic off with explaining the difference between earbuds and headphones, then we can move on from there since you will have a better idea of what each one is.

Earbuds-As I mentioned above these are little devices that they end round piece will fit in the opening of your ear. You gently place them in your ear like you would a cotton ball if you had an ear ache. Now these are usually available 2 ways, with or without the wires that hang down around your shoulders and plug into your cell phone.Dark blue earbuds

Headphones-Now these have the same concept in mind and that is deliver you sound right to your ear. However, with these there is a band that goes across the top of your head to hold them in place. And the sound comes from kind of resemble a cup that would fit over the outer area of your ear. Here imagine this if you were to take the open end of a cup and place over the top of your ear, it would be a lot similar to having a pair of headphones.

Okay now you should have a better idea of the difference between the 2 which one do you think you would like better? For me, I like earbuds better. I am not real fond of the band over my head. But that is my own personal preference. I also asked one of my daughters about this and of course her opinion was unique to say the least!

She said she likes earbuds better, but she also said that most girls tend to like the earbuds better because if they have done their hair the band on the headphones would mess it up. She also went on to say more guys generally like the headphones more. Now she didn’t say why though. Kids they are cute aren’t they.

Anyways I really don’t think one is better thank the other but more of what you personally would be more comfortable with and would prefer more. I think they are both great either way.

wireless earbudsBluetooth Earbuds Or Not?

Honestly I can see where wireless Bluetooth earbuds can come in extremely handy. Most generally earbuds have wires hanging down that plug into your cell phone. However, with a wireless Bluetooth set of earbuds, well they are wireless and the Bluetooth what ever you may be listening to straight to your earbuds.

So let’s say for an example that you are working out now that could be at the gym or even going for a jog. Well having these wires hanging down could very easily get in the way. In this type of situation a wireless Bluetooth set of earbuds might help you out a great deal.

I can not say that there is any real advantages to having the wired earbuds, it seems to be more of a personal preference thing as well. However, I do want to point out that clothes manufactures are now designing certain pieces of clothing like a jacket, with a pocket for your cell phone and small open area where you can run the wires through up to your ears.

One thing that I do see as important that I am going to mention about the wireless Bluetooth earbuds is, the Bluetooth may not work all that well if you happen to be in area where your cell phone reception is not so good. So in my eyes this is also another reason I would rather have the original style with the wires that hang down.

This way even if I am in a spot where I am not getting good reception, I can still listen to things I have downloaded onto my phone with 1 set of earbuds.

This is another one of those options where I can’t say one out preforms the other but simply a matter of taste and what lifestyle you may live. But I hope I have explained them both well enough for you to be able to make a decision on what you would prefer.

Does Sound Quality Matter?

I am asking this question simply because for each person this matters on different levels. No none of would prefer to hear a bunch of garble or static, But are you a person that is good with it as long as you can understand what you are listening to pretty clear.

Or do you happen to be a person that you desire perfect sound quality where you would hear a pin drop through your earbuds. Simply put every sound is very clear and audible.

The reason I brought this up is because as I mentioned above there are various prices when it comes to earbuds. On the cheaper end you can find a brand like the Gummie earbuds. Yes you can still very clearly make out what you are listening to but they are a lower quality when it comes to sound.

However, take the Skullcandy brand it is a higher price product, but you are going to be getting a higher quality of sound from these earbuds. Ultimately it will be a much crisper and cleaner sound all the way through.
So if sound quality is a big necessity for you, you may be better off looking at the higher end brands. On the other hand if you are happy with just being able to hear what you want to hear you could easily get away with a less expensive pair.

This is another one of those choices it really depends on what you want and what is important to you. But I wanted to explore these options so you can have a better understanding as to the price difference and what you would be getting for the different prices.

Musical notes

Was I Helpful In Your Decision Making?

For me I think earbuds are another amazing gadget invention. I also admire the fact that so many companies have picked up on them and adding their own little twerks to them giving us such a vast amount to choose from. Each one having great qualities of their own.

Which earbuds are best for you?

My goal here today is to help you explore some many options you have when you are looking into buying a set of earbuds. I hope I have done a good enough job of doing this that you will have a better understanding of what you are looking for before you go looking.

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Thank you so much for coming by. I sure I would like it if you would leave me your ideas, thoughts, comments, or even some suggestions you may have in the comment box below. Or if you would rather you can also do this through an email with the address I also have provided below.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day! Hope to hear from you soon.


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  1. Hello Ms Melissa,

    I am a older guy who has no idea what earbuds and headphones are for, I find them interesting products to listen to music which I love music very much, but how do you use these earbuds to listen to your favorite music?

    Do you need a specific type of music player for these products, I might sound odd but I am not up with technology?

    Thank You

    1. Hi Jeff. Believe me with all the newer technology I think it is hard to keep up with regardless unless you are teenager or younger. So basically the wireless headsets are pieces that fit inside of your ears so that only you can hear your music. This particular brand will also help to block out the noises around you so you only hear your music. As far as what devices you can use to play the music on you can use anything like your TV or cell phone. Now they make earbuds with or with out wires. The wired ones you would plug into let’s say your cell phone or stereo and it would transfer the music through the wires. But the wireless uses what they call Bluetooth and kind of like it just sends sounds through the air to your earbuds. Does this help explain it a little better for you? If not just let me know and I will be happy to give you more details.
      Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Thanks for the great outline of what is available. I love all kinds of music and sound quality is important.
    The biggest factor for me (after sound quality) is comfort. I’ve had earphones with a hard surface that start to hurt after just a few minutes,
    Anything soft with decent sound would work for me.
    They are all suitable for use with a laptop, is that correct?

    1. Hi Dianne. Thank you for stopping by. I have to agree with you on the comfort. I can often find a good sound quality earbuds but the do become uncomfortable after time. The 2 I know that have the softer earpieces that I enjoy more are the Skull Candy and the Gummies. However I just wrote another post about a brand from Jabra. They are wireless and from all the studying I have done of them I think they sound like they would have a great mix of both comfort and sound quality as well. As far as if they are suitable for use with laptops I can say for sure yes! I use mine quiet often with my laptops with no problems at all. Was there anything else I can help you with? If so please let me know.
      Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

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