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I would like for you take just a minute and think back to the 80s and the technology that was out, now take a look around to now! Wow right, boy how much technology has changed over time! And we are constantly doing something new with technology every day.Headset and cell phone

Well I would like to introduce you to one of the many companies that are involved with this always changing evolution. Their company is called Jabra.

From what I have found out about them they truly are outstanding company and always doing their best to meet the consumers needs.

Which is why I wanted to have the chance to tell you a little more about the company itself and all the different things they offer such as the Jabra Bluetooth Headset and so much more.

I also am well aware there are probably several people out there that are unsure how Bluetooth works and are also probably concerned with its safety. As it is my goal to help people, I want to make sure and explore all of this information as well. Give you the most and best advice I can find.

So hang in there with me and see what I have to say. I have a lot to cover so, how about we get started!

Who Is Jabra?

Who is Jabra? This is a very good question indeed. I am going to start by letting you know they are very high end technology company. They are constantly working to improve all of our technology needs and wants. Now there area of expertise in the technology world is to deal with sound.

With this being said they have done a great deal of researching and testing to bring you exceptional products. Some types of products that they make and design are, yes of course the Jabra Bluetooth headsets, but they also have hearing aids, speaker phones, and if you prefer they also have head phones.

Here at Jabra they take the time to make sure each Jabra Bluetooth headset is that cancels out all the outside noise. Which provides you with exceptional sound quality through your earpiece. Basically let’s say for an example you are having a family gathering, but you want to listen to the big game and everyone is being loud and carrying on.

Well if you go grab you Jabra Bluetooth headset not only can you listen to the game with no wires running everywhere but you can also block out all the surrounding sounds and hear every play crisp and clear as pin drop.

So if I was to sum up Jabra, I would want you to understand this is a company that is striving to give the consumers what they are asking for and need when it comes to Bluetooth technology. They test everything out until it is right and are always advancing new ideas within their technology.

How Do Wireless Headsets Connect?

I have to be honest here. Bluetooth was a very foreign word to me until not too long ago. (A couple of months) You see I applied for a job with a cell phone company and in the interview she was asking me all about Bluetooth and of course I knew some basic things, but it wasn’t enough to get the job.

With this happening I set out to find out more about Bluetooth and how it worked, why it was better than having wired, you know basically become a lot more knowledgeable about Bluetooth. I can honestly say now I have come a long ways and I do now realize how great Bluetooth can be.

So what I want to explain is that the Jabra wireless headsets connect to different devices like computers, TV’s, radios, gaming systems, and smartphones by using the Bluetooth method. Now that you understand that the wireless headsets use Bluetooth to connect to the different things how about I explain how Bluetooth works. This way you can fully understand it all around.

Bluetooth wireless headphones for an example transfer audio signal. Now these signals can go through one of two was, one is by radio transmission and the other is by infrared signals. Depending on what device you use depends on which one of these two transmissions will be used. And don’t worry this is done automatically.

So basically let’s say you want to listen to music on your phone through a pair of Jabra Bluetooth headset. If you turn on your phone to what ever music you want and then make sure the Bluetooth is also on, put your Bluetooth headset on make sure it is on as well, then they should connect to each other after they are synced.Man with earbuds

The sound will travel through to the headset and you will then be able to listen to your music off your cell phone without disturbing anyone else or everyone else disturbing you. And since the are wireless you will have the comfort of not having to fight to get around those as well.

Now are you still with me? Do you have a better idea of what we are dealing with here? I hope so if not let me know and I will be glad to help. But I still have some more great information, so let’s keep going!

What Type Of Headsets Do They Offer?

Now that we have the good to know technical things out the way, how about we explore the part! We are going to be looking at some varieties of Jabra Bluetooth headsets. I really would like to let you know what they have to offer along with some ideas of what each set would be best used for. Let the fun begin!

    • For the first one they have Office headsets and headphones. For the Office type the offer 4 different style so you can choose which one would be best for you. These are mainly designed for office workers.
    • Next they have also come up with a series that is mainly used for call centers.
    • They also have Sports headphones. This would be more like something you were using while jogging or of course playing sports.
    • Another option is one designed for calls and playing music.
    • And the last one I wanted to tell you about is the Bluetooth mono headset.

From all the studying I have done, Jabra offers a very good size of Bluetooth headsets and they have made sure to include lots of people’s needs when designing them and testing them out. I am sure you will be quite pleased with the Jabra Bluetooth headset.

I wanted to cover one last concern that I see people are having and that is how safe is Bluetooth headsets. So how about we look at that real quick.

Is Bluetooth Headsets Safe?

Usually when we make any kind of purchase, we take in the safety factors before we buy it. I know this is one of my habits and I am sure there are many of you out there just like me. I found many people asking about the safety in Bluetooth headsets, so I see it as important to fill you in. Maybe it will help ease some of your minds.

Well let’s start off with one of the more obvious ways I see Bluetooth headsets to be safer. And that is driving. So first off having a Bluetooth headset while driving can be much safer as it allow you to become completely hands free and you can use both hands on the steering wheel.

But now in my eyes this would only apply if you were using a style like the Bluetooth mono headset. The reason I say this is, because it only goes on one ear so no you are not going to have the noise free part, but you will have an open ear for listening to what is going on around and noises you need to hear while driving. A great example of something you need to hear is a train. If there are no arms coming down you have to rely on your senses to know when one is coming.Woman with a headset

Okay so now how about we take a look at what is a huge concern to some people and that is exposure to radiation using cell phones or even Bluetooth headsets. Scientists have been doing some extensive research on this topic.

And honestly with all the studying that has been done on this so far they have not been able to link an exposure of radiology to health problems while using a cell phone or even a Bluetooth headset.

Now just to also let you know they are still doing research on this and although they do not foresee this as a problem they still are advising to limit exposure to cell phones especially to small children, as a just in case for now. One more piece of good news is according to scientist the risk of exposure is even less with Bluetooth headsets.

So Tell Me What Do You Want To Know?

A Jabra Bluetooth headset can be very practical to have. You still get to listen to great music and even the big game all while blocking out the outside noises for a more clear and crisp sound. Jabra has taken great steps in moving forward with technology and making sure to keep their consumers in mind.

So if you are out searching for a Bluetooth headset, I am honestly going to say I think Jabra is a great company to go with and they deliver quality products. So check them out, I am sure you will be pleased.

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I want to take a moment and offer many thanks for coming by to learn some more about Jabra Bluetooth headsets. I hope I have managed to give you all the answers you were looking for. But if not you are always welcome to leave me a comment and let me know what you think or if I can help in any way.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!


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  1. Great information Melissa, thank you! To be honest, i have never heard of Jabra until I came across your article. Appears that they are legit in many ways.

    I have often heard of individuals being somewhat concerned with the exposure to radiation regarding cell phone usage and was glad to see that the research doesn’t seem to validate this concern. Have you, yourself have any knowledge of this being the case?

    Seems like Jabra offers a headset for just about any kind of interest out there with the sports headphones catching my attention. I enjoy jogging and taking long walks where the headphones would serve as a nice companion.

    Very informative and detailed article, thanks for sharing Melissa!

    1. Hello Luke.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to come visit me. When I started this post I actually had set out to write about Bluetooth headphones and was just doing my normal extensive research but this company kept coming up. So I thought Jabra would be a great one to start with after all the positive things I found. They do have a great variety to offer. That is one of the many reasons why I like them so well.
      As far as the personal knowledge of the radiation scare, I have heard many people talk about this issue, but I guess I never really believed it fully, so I just pushed it aside till I came across these scientist studies.
      Well I am glad you have found set that would work good for you. If you decide to check more into and need any help let me know. I will do what ever I can to get you some answers.
      Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    interesting article,
    it does appear to be quite a nice item to own.
    for many years I’ve been a bit wary of all these vast advances in technological products, I always keep in mind the double edged sword effect.
    This product is compact, has many nice features and provides extra conveniences for the avid consumer.


    1. Hi Oliver.
      Thank you so much for coming buy. These headsets so far as the best I have ran across. I think they are a great quality and they are with a company very willing to stand behind their products. I am right with you getting out into the technology world can be very scary. I think our best option is just to make sure we check and double check everything first.
      Thank you so much for coming by. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Hello!

    I am very glad that I came across this article. I found it to be quite informative and gave me a better insight into the products!

    I wasn’t aware of this product line from Jabra. It sounds as though they are of high quality, and I will inform my husband of this as he was not happy with the present Bluetooth device he purchased.

    Has Jabra been around for a few years or very new? It sounds like this would be a good investment for anyone who uses these devices.

    I definitely agree with you that, by using a Bluetooth, it is much safer for us and others while on the road than using a hand-held cell phone.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Cathy. Thank you so much for coming by. From all my research I have done in this company I have nothing but upstanding things. They have an amazing line of products. I really think your husband would be pleased with them. As far as how long they have been around, I was looking for an exact number but couldn’t find it but they did say they had been in business for at least a decade. So they have been here a little bit at least. And any way we can make driving safer the better off we are you are right. Well if your husbands decides he wants to check into this and it turns out he has more questions please feel free to let me know and I will do the best I can to help you guys out.
      Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. A Jabra Bluetooth headset sounds like my kind of headphone!

    I would much prefer to have a Bluetooth headset when training in the gym for example as all to often my wire on my current headphones get caught on the gym equipment.

    1. Hi Darren. Thank you so much for coming by. I am the same way. Wires all to often get in the way and can be a hassle while working out. If you decide you need some more information or have any questions, please feel free to let me know and I will help however I can.
      Thank you again and have a wonderful day.

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