Micro SD Cards-Limited On Space? Add More!

Do you happen to be the type of person that no matter the even whether it be a kids ball game or a Christmas gathering, that you have your cell phone out taking as many pictures as you possibly can, making sure to capture every moment? If so you may greatly benefit from having micro SD cards!

Here is a little card that seems so small it couldn’t hardly do anything at all. But let me tell you what this is a gadget well worth checking out. It will provide you with so much more space so you can continue to take all the pictures your heart desires.

Yes having a micro SD card is a great thing, however, below I wanted to make sure to give you some important information on what version you may need along with how to make sure you are not getting a counterfeit micro SD card. And since I was felling extra generous I went ahead and added a couple more great facts about the micro SD card along with how it compares to the Cloud Storage. So stick around I think you might like what I have to say!

Out Of The 3 Which One Is Best For You?

How many of you have set out to go buy something, then when you get it home and open it up you find out that you have bought the wrong thing or maybe just the wrong size? For me and probably most of you out there, this can be very frustrating. Although we will probably do it again and again, I aim to help you better understand a micro SD card so that you have a better idea of what you are looking for before you buy it. In the end saving you time and hassle.

  1. SD (also known as SDSC)- The SD stands for Secure Digital. This one is the most basic memory card you can get. It will usually give you an extra 2 GB of data. Which for the average use this is not too bad really. But if you are a photo and video hoarder you may want to look a little bigger. Now since this is the most basic, it will fit most any micro slots out there.
  2. SDHC-Secure Digital High Capacity. I would describe this one as being more of a medium-sized data storage. The SDHC can have up to 32 GB. Before you get to thinking this exactly what I need, you need to know that in order to use this one your phone needs to be able to support either a SDHC or SDXC. If your phone does not support one of these two this micro SD card simply will not work with your phone.
  3. SDXC-Secure Digital Extended Capacity. I would say if you are looking into getting one of these you are probably non-stop storing things. Almost compared to the never ending storage. Just kidding but this one does have a rather large storage. The micro SDXC memory card will give you up to 27TB of extra storage. It happens to be the largest one available so far. Now the other thing you need to be aware of before you buy this one is that it can only be used by cell phones that support SDXC.

I know I struggled some before I wrote this post with knowing the different versions of micro SD cards that are out there. However, I have to say I am really glad I have done this research for you all, it also taught me a lot along the way. I hope that this will help everyone to better understand what they are looking for as well!

Did You Know?

Now that we have the different version nailed down how about we take a look at some other very important aspects to consider when going to purchase a micro SD card. I am sure most of you know this but just in case I want to make it clear a micro SD card is used to provide with extra storage space on different devices.

Here let’s say for instance you are a person who loves to take millions of pictures and of course there is a definite need to keep each and every one of them. You never that might have that one special thing inside of the photo. Well the only problem with this, let’s say on your cell phone, is eventually your storage is going to get too full.

The end result could be that it is slowing your phone down or even you may get to the point where your phone tells you that there is no more memory left available. So this is where a micro SD card comes in handy you slide into your phone and transfer those pictures and just like that you have a lot more space available.

But there are another few important factors that you should look for when deciding which micro SD card would work best for. One of these factors is the speed. When you go to purchase a micro SD card there should be two different types of speed you should also take into consideration.

One is the write speed and the other one is called the read speed. Now as I was researching it they way I understood is the write speed is much more important than the read speed. The write speed will show up somewhat similar to 2, 4, 6, and 10. Now I wanted to let you know within all of my reading it seemed very important to have the higher speed.

As a matter of fact one post said that you shouldn’t go less than a 10. This post had said that it is better for your phone if it is faster simply because it does have to go through a lot just to download and save that one picture. So the faster you micro SD card will let it get this done the better off it is.

One other thing I found interesting that this post also mentioned about with the speed is, that if it is a higher speed you will be able to take more rapid pictures, basically back-to-back. But the best part of this is as you are rapidly shooting pictures they are less likely to turn out blurry.

So pretty much if the write speed is fast enough it will be able to take that picture and process, save, and download that picture at a much higher speed so that as you continue to take pictures you are now not taking pictures faster than your phone and micro SD card can keep up.

As far as the other important goes I am going to tell you about it next right below this, simply because it is a subject within itself. But here is a little hint, it has to do with making sure you are not buying a fake or counterfeit micro SD card!

Watch Out For Counterfeit Micro SD Cards!

Yep you read that right fake micro SD cards! Just like everything else out here in this big old world there are also fake micro SD cards as well. I guess people will try anything to make a dollar. Okay so for starters there are many things you can look at to see if you have possibly received a counterfeit micro SD card. So I am going to go ahead and tell you a little more about this, save you from even more hassle and cost.

  • A great place to start is with the packaging. Now if you look at the outside of the package does the letters and graphics look great or are they a little distorted. Almost a similar look as to if someone was trying to copy the original. If it honestly doesn’t look 100% professional there is a good possibility that it could be fake.
  • Another thing to look at with the packaging is all the logo and design. Is it all there or is one little piece missing? Now if you are not sure you can always go online and look to see what it should look like. If they don’t look the same or something is missing, please be cautious, because this one is probably fake as well.
  • Looking at all the details is a big key in figuring this out. So another detail you want to scan over is if some words happen to be misspelled. This could be done by someone trying to rewrite it and making a natural mistake as they go.
  • One more thing with the packaging, does the package actually match the micro SD card inside. I mean detail by detail. Look at things like if the package says it is a SDHC, but the actual micro SD card says it is a SD card.
  • Now if you take a look at the micro SD card itself, is it bright and new looking? Or is it a more pale and dull color? If it happens to be a more dull and pale color it probably is a fake. When companies makes these cards they want them to be very appealing to the eye, so they are not going to sell you something that is dull.
  • A surefire give away is if it you have bought one that say SD and says it has something like 64GB, then it is fake because a basic micro SD card will only come with 2GB. So make sure they are not claiming to many GB for the equal size of card.
  • Okay one more thing you can look for is the product code on the back. Within this code it will have a lot of letters but in it is will also have the amount of GB. So let’s say you thought you are buying a 10 GB but you take a peek at the back at the product code and there is a 2 in that mix. Well I am sorry to inform you but this is probably a fake micro SD card.

I hope you have a better idea now what to check out to make sure that you are not purchasing a fake. I would hate it if you got home and thought you were purchasing a 64GB micro SD card and come to find out it was only an 8GB.

The best suggestion I have to avoid this all together is buying a micro SD card from a large and well-known company. Place like Walmart or even target just somewhere that is bigger like this and doesn’t handle resale items. However, also keep in mind that even if you use a resale place doesn’t mean that you are going to get a counterfeit card.

Is Cloud Storage A Better Option?

I figure some might of you might be wondering if buying a micro SD card would be better than buying space on Cloud. So I figure I could compare the two for you. Personally I do see a couple of benefits but they are my opinion only so I want to share them with you as well.

Alright how about I start off explaining what Cloud Storage is for the one’s of you who do not know. In my mind I think the best way I can give you a visual idea is that it would kind of be like renting a storage building, but you are renting virtual space instead.

But more or less the same type of concept you rent this space out to store things, in this case writing, pictures, maybe even videos, and they keep it tucked away for you until you need it again. And just like a storage building how much it cost goes based on how much space you need and where you decide to get it from.

So yes both a Cloud Storage and a micro SD card can provide you with extra storage for different prices, however one you save your thing to the internet and the other you save to a card.

Now my opinion and strictly my opinion not a fact is I would rather have a micro SD card. I say this because I can hold it in my hand and unless I give it to someone most likely, in my mind, other people won’t have access to it. I know that the companies who provide the Cloud Storage do take our privacy into their up most priority. However, the way I see things is the Internet is still available all over the world. So for me a micro SD card is the way to go.

Did You Learn Something?

Who knew such a tiny card could have so much information to learn about it. If you think about a micro SD card is so small but can hold so much and have so many options. I know I have really learned a lot from doing more research on micro SD cards and I am really excited I get to share this information with you.

Do you know how and where to put the SD cards?

I just hope this post helps you out from going out and buying a micro SD card that either wasn’t the right one or turns out to be a fake. I know I don’t like having to redo things either.

So How About It?

Do You Need More Space?

I want to thank you so much for coming by. I can’t wait to hear from you. Please by all means you can leave any ideas, thoughts, questions, or opinions below in the comment box or at the email address. I will gladly get back in touch.

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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