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OtterBox Cases is one of the most popular names of cases out there today. And it is for good reasons that this name is such a popular brand. Here is brand that has excelled in customer service. This business like many other great business, started in a garage of a home and has since excelled.

So I thought it would be a great idea to bring you a little more information about them. Such as why it could be beneficial to you to have an OtterBox case for your phone. Or did you know that offer OtterBox cases in 7 different series? Do you know how each series differs from the others?

Another plus to this wonderful company is they have a foundation for children going! For me this is a serious plus in my books. So I really wanted to tell you a little more about this foundation they have going on.

And last but not least I am sure there are a few of you out there wondering if they have a case that would fit your cell phone. So I am going to help you out with that as well.

Basically if you want to know any more information on all of these outstanding questions, I will give you these answers with plenty of information below. All you have to do is keep reading.

What is An OtterBox Case

An OtterBox is an amazing product. They have designed these cases to help ensure that your device is well protected. Now yes I said device because they do make OtterBox cases for different devices like a cell phone or even an iPad and more. However, as you probably guessed my focus is going to be on the ones developed for cell phones.

There are many kinds of cell phones available out there today. And most of them will offer you some protection for your phone in case you happen to drop it. But the OtterBox case is built more resistant to endure a little more toughness. Which in the end it benefits you.

How? Well let’s say for example you are likely to leave your cell phone on top of your car while pumping gas, and you drive off forgetting it is there. Chances are if you have one of the many other kinds of cell phone cases, the case itself is probably broke, but also if it is a cheaper made case there is also the possibility that some damage has been done to your phone as well.

However taking the same scenario and saying you had an OtterBox case instead, most likely the OtterBox will not be damaged nor will your phone.

You see they have built the OtterBox cases to be more sturdy and more durable than a lot of other phone cases that are available. Actually when it was first invented it was thought of because a guy named Curt Richardson. And the main reason he come up with this design is because he realized there was a rise in popularity surrounding water sports.

So basically Curt already had it in mind to build a tough case and as time has gone by and this business has grown these inventors have steadily come up with more great ideas for helping to protect our phones. In fact right now they are offering 7 different series of these cases. Which is what I am going to be telling you about next.

There Are 7 Series

You know personally I think there are a lot of great minds out in this world. And I think the people who are part of the company of OtterBox cases fall into this group of great minds. Simply because they could have made one or two different kinds easily and then stopped. But no these guys kept going and seeing what us as people needed when it comes to protecting our cell phones, so they just kept creating. So right now they are offering 11 different series, which I would like to take a moment and explain some highlights to each series. So here you go.

  1. Defender Series-3 tough layers, built in screen protection, helps to block dirt, and is very durable against a drop, but still is not overly big and bulky allowing you to still put it in your pockets.
  2. Commuter Series-2 durable layers, still helps protect against dust, offers the drop protection, is a more slim design and will easily slide in and out of your pockets.
  3. Symmetry Series-1 piece design piece, this case is very easy to put on and take off, it is also their slimmest design yet, and offers the drop protection.
  4. Pursuit Series-this is also a very slim design, offers protection from dust, mud, snow and dirt, and has extreme shock protection, and as bonus it also protects your audio device from getting debris stuck.
  5. Strada Series-made from premium leather, is a thin case, alpha glass screen protector is included, and still offers the drop protection
  6. uniVerse Case-with this part of the series they have made it out to be a swappable module offering different pieces and holders depending on your life style. Example they have one that has a charge force battery that you can use up to 39 hours of talk time. There are many options for this series.
  7. DryBox 3250 Series-this is the original series, waterproof, stainless steel hinges, tough, this is a case that you would place your whole phone in to protect it from like if you were hiking in the rain for an example.

So many options to choose from right. It seems like they have simply taken several individuals studied their lifestyle habits and then decided to design a phone case to fit them. Very creative people if I do say so myself. And as I am sure you read these OtterBox cases are designed to be very durable no matter your choice of lifestyle.

Otter Cares

Have you ever heard of Otter Cares? If not stick around I think you are in for a pleasant surprise I know I was when I found out.

Otter Cares is a foundation that has been started by OtterBox for kids. And in this foundation it is their goal to help children learn. Now they do mainly focus on helping them to learn about entrepreneur and philanthropists.

I was pretty impressed as I started looking through Otter Cares. With this company they will go and close there business down and allow their employees to go volunteer at the schools to work with the children one on one. Personally I think them doing this as a company really makes them stand apart from many other companies.

Honestly take a look at it. OtterBox stops their businesses which puts a hold on their production, to take some time to go visit our kids in their school to help further their educations. In the end helping our kids chances of being more successful in life.

Honestly you do hear of a lot of foundations and organizations available to our children in helping to further their education. But how many have you actually heard of that help influence their employees to be hands on part of that. And not to mention they are ensuring that their employees will have the time to be able to do that with closing their doors to provide the time.

My opinion this has to be a great company, they have taken our future into their hands and are helping our kids to succeed. Pretty impressive!

Is There An OtterBox For My Phone?

I understand, sometimes you can run across a wonderful product that you are so looking forward to getting and when you to their site you realize they don’t have what you are looking for in your brand of product. Well I wanted to make sure this didn’t happen to you here.

So I am going to let you know about what brands of smart phones OtterBoxes has cases for save you a trip. Time is precious and if I can help you out with that I will do my best. So here is a list for you to glance over.

    • Apple-iPhone x, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c. (they do have cases for iPad as well)
    • Samsung-Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 Active, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 Edge +, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge. (they do have cases for tablets too)
    • Google-Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, Pixel, Pixel XL
    • Motorola-Moto Z2 force, Moto e4, Moto Z2 play, Moto Z force droid edition, Moto droid edition, Moto z, Droid turbo 2, Droid maxx 2, Moto G 3rd gen, Moto E 2nd gen.
    • LG-Q6, V30, V30+, G6, Stylo 3 Plus, Stylo 3, K 20V, Fortune, Phoenix 3, Risio 2, Aristo, V 20, G5, V 10, G4.
    • One Plus-One plus 5, One Plus 3, One Plus 2
    • Microsoft- Lumia 650 (it also covers a couple of surface pro’s)
    • Verison-Covers tablets
    • ZTE-Avid 4, Blade Z max, Maven 3, Overture 3
    • Alcatel-A30 Fierce
    • ASUS-ZenFone V
    • T-Mobile-ReVVL plus
    • Huawei-Mate 10

Quite a list to choose from if I do say so myself. Did you find your cell phone on this list? If so OtterBox cases are a terrific product and you may want to check them out to help protect your phone.

Final Thoughts

All in all I think that OtterBox is a company well worth trusting. They produced very high standard cell phone cases for many brands and products. And they go above and beyond to help the children in this world to succeed. Can you think of a better company that could offer you a better cell phone case?

How about a short walk through at OtterBox!

Our cell phones are important to us and they are also very fragile so why not protect it with great protection using an OtterBox cell phone cases. I hope they have your brand and product covered for you.

Does Better Cell Protection Sound Good To You?

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Thank you so much for coming by. Do you have any comments, ideas, suggestions, or even questions for me? If so you can leave them below and I will be happy to answer you. I hope I get to hear from you soon.

Thank you again for coming by and have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hello Melissa,

    I found the Otterbox company to sound to have very high morals and a good heart to be helping children, I am sure you won’t find as many companies like this around in today’s world.

    Your post states they produce products for smart phone and other products, I was wondering how about basic cell phones? I have a little basic cell phone you can’t even find those belt carrier cases which fits the one I own, I was just wondering if they might make a case for such a basic phone they are hard to come by?

    Take Care

    1. Hi Jeff. How are you doing? Thank you for coming by. I was really impressed by how OtterBox does take the time to go help our kids. And you are so right there are not many companies these days that would do this. To me this is really a good ground to believe in this company.
      As far as the basic cell phone, I am happy to tell you they do offer cases for a wide variety of different phone brands. I know I say phones like of course the iphones, but I also saw phones like the Galaxy and LG. Now if you have a flip phone unfortunately they do not have one for this but, there is a wide variety for smart phones. If you tell me what kind of phone you have I can look it up for you to make sure. Just let me know.
      Thank you so much for stopping by if you have any questions let me know. Have a great day.

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