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Popsocket! What is all the talk about? Where did they come from? What do they do? Are they all the same?

Now if you are new to popsockets I am sure these are some questions you may be asking yourself. And for those of you who are unfamiliar or would simply like to know more, I have come up with some very helpful information to fill in some of these gaps for you.

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So how about you stick around for a moment and see what this new craze about a popsocket is all about! I am sure by the end you will be able to tell that this is a very useful gadget that has been invented!

What Is A Popsocket?

Okay I am going to try to explain a popsocket in the easiest way possible. It is a new-found gadget that makes holding your devices, such as a cell phone or tablet easier to hold on to, making it so that you will have a better grip on the device you are using.

Now that is one way it can be helpful, however, it can also be used to prop up your device while you are let’s say watching a youtube tube video. Just bend it a little and set it on the desired surface and your device will stay put allowing you to better see what you are watching.

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However, let us just say you want to leave your device laying flat. This is also possible, all you have to do is push the popsocket all the way down and success, you can now also have it laying flat.

Are you a person who’d phone is constantly slipping out of your hand while you are trying to text someone? Then this would be a great gadget for you. The Popsocket has a nice big, round, button shape top and smaller button shaped bottom and in between is a flexible piece of plastic.

So you simply adhere the smaller looking button to the back of your phone or phone case, pull on the bigger button shape to extend it all the way out. After it is extended you have a space that you can now put your fingers around resulting in a better and more solid grip on your phone. 

See it is as easy as pie, and yet still very useful and helpful! So simple you might even think why didn’t I come up with this?

How Did A Popsocket Come To Be?

Believe it or not, popsockets originally started off as 2 buttons! That is right a gentleman named Barnett was simply trying to come up with a way to better keep up with his earbuds and not have them all over the place. So as the story goes he found 2 buttons and glued them to the back of his phone.

He then was able to simply wind his ear buds around the 2 buttons to keep them in place. What a great idea!

Well he went on to tinkering with the idea of how he could improve this design, low and behold came the popsockets! Now even though we can find the popsockets almost anywhere these days, after Barnett first invented them he was selling them from his garage.

Now popsockets haven’t been around all that long. In 2010 is when Barnett first glued the 2 buttons to the back of his phone. In 2012 is when he finally put together the design we know and was advertising phone cases with 2 popsockets on the back. By 2014 he managed to sell over 40 million pocketsocket grips across the world.

And of course with any product that becomes this popular you know bigger places are going to step in. So now it is a new craze and can be found in several locations and all over the internet.

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Well why not, I mean it is a gadget that truly serves a purpose in the internet world we live in today. And anything that can help us make things easier and more convenient is always going to be a plus!

What Devices Can I Use A Popsocket For?

Mainly popsockets are designed to use for your phones. Now it doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have, these are versatile enough they can fit on any phone.

I have also seen where there are pictures of people using them as well as a tablet grip. But since a tablet is heavier you most likely will not be able to use the grip to prop up your tablet like you would your phone.

I also wanted to let you know that they also have a mount companion product. This could be useful if you are standing up and still wanting to see a video or even live chat with someone.

This mount companion can stick to different surfaces like, dashboards, mirrors, and even refrigerators. And the main idea behind a mount companion is so that you can still have the access of free hands while trying to accomplish a different project, such as working out or doing your hair maybe.

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As you can see the popsocket may be very helpful to you regardless of your phone style or even a tablet. And now you can still watch that video you wanted to see while your hands are free to cook supper with.

Find A Popsocket To Match Your Style!

Now I am sure that when popsockets first came around that they were probably very standard looking. But since the world has taken so a hold to this new craze, there are now many unique colors and designs.

It is a guarantee that you will find one that matches your style. And if you can’t find one, there are businesses now that custom make popsockets as well.

Custom makers are easy to find as well. While I was looking for information about the popsockets, people who customize them were all over the internet.

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So take a look around here and if you need more options just click on one of mine and there will be even more to see. However, if you just can’t seem to find one to your liking you might want to check out someone who does the customization popsockets.

Need some more information on popsockets?

Is A Popsocket Something For You?

So is a popsocket a gadget that seems like it could be of great help to you? I think Barnett come up with a great invention that has helped many people throughout the world. And these little gadgets are versatile and even come with things like a mount companion to make your life even easier. So why not try one out? If nothing else see what this new craze is all about!Clickable button

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you had fun and possibly learned something new. Don’t be a stranger stop by and say hi anytime.

Now if you have any questions, comments, or ideas feel free to leave them in the comment section below or you can even email them to me at the address I have provided.

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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  1. I like this idea for a stand for my tablet and phone. I am always propping up my devices when I do things like cool or eat. I usually just use whatever is at my disposable but this looks like it will work much better. Thanks for this description of popsockets, I will definitely be checking these out.

    1. You are very welcome I know a lot of people really like them. If you happen to see one you like you can click on it. I do think this was a great invention. 

      Thank you so much for coming by and have a wonderful day hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hi Melissa!
    I like your review (as I always do, you are a great writer) still, in this case, I have a question.
    I may be the “stupidest man on earth right now but how does it work? I can’t really understand how you should use it. Is it like a table that you lay your phone down on or what?
    I’m so sorry about my question but I just can’t figure this out.

    1. Hi and thank you for stopping by. And no believe me I wouldn’t have known about this if it wasn’t for the fact I have a teenage daughter that of course keeps up with the latest things!

      I also want to apologize that I didn’t explain it well enough. But basically what it is you stick it to the back side of your phone and it has a flexible neck attached to another piece at the top. You can extend it and bend so that you can prop your phone up on different surfaces. 

      I would say it has the same purpose as a kickstand on a bicycle. It holds it up so you don’t have to lay your phone flat and try to watch a video or something else. So in a round about way it is a prop for your phone.

      Does that help answer your question a little better? And please don’t feel bad they have come out with so many new things it can be hard to keep up with. I also did a post on cell phone keyboards which is another new one I didn’t know about. Life and technology move very quickly anymore.

      Thank you so much for stopping by I am very glad you enjoy my writing. I hope to hear from you again very soon. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Have a wonderful day!

  3. Actually, thanks Melissa901 sharing the content with us.
    The first time, I saw the page, I also questionable what are those items, but, while I reading the content, that would a more interesting idea. those are very attractively designed devices.
    Actually, different design, different color, images are also included.

    anyway, I think, this is a more interesting idea and more fashionable devices different needings.

    thanks for sharing the contents with us,
    my congratulations to you

    1. You are very welcome these are some neat contraptions. I thought my daughter lost it when she bought her first one but now I see how useful they can be. 

      There are so many different designs and colors available out there you wouldn’t believe it and even people who custom make them now too.

      I am glad you like them. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will see what I can do to help you out.

      Thank you so much for coming by

      Have a wonderful day

  4. I had never heard of popsockets before. I really needed that video to imagine how they work. These are pretty clever and cute. I’ll bet my wife and daughter would like these.

    1. Hi Peter. Thank you for coming by. I have to agree with you. When my daughter first brought hers home I was really confused and looking at her like she was crazy. But after I seen what all it could help with I seen how great idea it was. I am sure your wife and daughter would enjoy these as well.
      Thank you again for coming by I hope you have a wonderful day.

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